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Hidden polygon view modes

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I'm using the hide tool to restrict my painting to certain polygons.

This works great but I often want to see the context of what I'm painting. For example: being able to see the leaves of a tree while I'm painting some shadowing on the trunk and branches.

I thought it would be a useful extension to this tool to have a way of actually render those hidden polygons on screen somehow but drawn as either:

* none (current behaviour)

* wireframe

* ghosted

* a darker shade

* normal (but still inactive).

Please can you add a sub-menu of "Draw Mode" options to the Hide menu that let me control the rendering of hidden polygons in paint mode. I'm not asking for all of these display modes if that's too much work, but just something other than nothing at all would be helpful.



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If you fill layer 0 with a colour the paint will remain even when polygons are hidden. :)

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Although I do hope Andrew can add something that's a bit less of a workaround in a future version. Especially as using the hide tool is already a work around for the lack of a per-triangle/polygon freeze tool ;)

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