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Ply export for Blender Applink for vertex color support

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I do not know if this something that Andrew would have to code in or if it is all Applink programming that haikalle would have to do...

Feature request:

Ply export added in 3DCoat for the Blender Applink export from the paint room for vertex color support.

When using the Blender Applink, I can export to Blender from the paint room the voxel model but only has a obj file. Blender at the present time does not support obj vertex color information inbedded in the file. Blender does support vertex colors in the PLY format.

Now I do not know if the Applink would need to be updated once the Ply format was made available to us for exporting to Blender.

This would make it possible for us to sculpt, then paint vertex colors (polypainting) in the paint room.

Next send the model, plus the poly painting to blender through the applink using the ply format and then render in Blender Cycles...

Of course in the voxel room, I can export a PLY model and load it through the normal way in Blender but having the applink to work gives us a way to quickly render our sculpting/ vertex painting in Blender Cycles. That would be great..

Thanks for your consideration....


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