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  2. I just finished setting up my blog and made a post about this Add-on here: https://irrgeist.de/2018/02/18/blender-3d-coat-pbr-material-add-on/ I will update the source files and infos there, so maybe the forum "update ghost" can put the link in my first post I will also post here, when updates are made.
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  4. SOLVED! I believe the problem was that I didn’t check-box the 'Separate Paint Objects' when I originally backed the ambient occlusion layer. With the new AO layer, I can now paint into those empty areas. Note, those empty areas I was attempting to paint to before didn’t have mesh face overlap. But, thank you for noticing the overlap problem of one of the islands. I selected that island and chose LSCM, and that did the trick. All fixed! Thank you!
  5. No, it isnt. Try to bake AO on Paint room, avoid to bake on retopo room. And try to change the unwrapping , You can specify which unwrapping algorithm you wish to use. There is LSCM unwrapping, ABF++ unwrapping and 3D-Coat’s proprietary GUUV unwrapping method (Globally Uniform). I see some overlapped faces here and there. Hope this help
  6. ..only one, it's very minor though. The majority of islands are separated. What I do have are two sets of UV maps for the same model. Does that affect my ability to paint the texture?
  7. Hi you two @digman Thank you very much digman for taking your time to test and optimise the materials! Now THAT looks waaay better. I may have been drinking too much Jägermeister that day. Of course the metallic needs to be connected to the metallic slot I totally overlooked the non-color thing. I changed both problems and updated the script (see end of post) @AbnRanger Thank you very much. I can see the need for the AppLink update, that's the reason why I even started doing this I am investigating the existing AppLink(s) now (SimpleAppLink depends on the original). I am trying to alter my script, so that it will use the existing functionality. I got the AppLink running, but "Import" doesn't seem to work for me. Also I first have to use the "tranfer" button of the "old" AppLink" for the "Simple3DCoat AppLink"'s "Export" to work. Does the AppLink work for you (except the material stuff)? If so, how is your workflow? Since I have many other things in my pipeline, I will not be able to update the old AppLink scripts (they are rather big and complex and lack comments). But I will try to make it look like this: My script will hopefully offer these things: The already implemented Import (does NOT need AppLink) The Import/Export Buttons in the Blender Toolbar to Update the material based on the AppLink imported data (hope it will work) Will be free, I don't plan to make money with it, I am having fun So here's the latest Version: I updated the script to V 0.1.5 Download: https://pastebin.com/3fgYwsNc If AppLink Add-on is activated, you should already see the new buttons in the EX-Toolbar. But they to not work yet. If disabled, there should be no toolbar extension at all. In the next version :P Changes: Metallic now connects to the correct slot Metttalic, Roughness and NMap are now set to Non-Color If AppLink is present, new toolbar option available (WIP, not working for now)
  8. 3dprint request

    Hi Please send feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com Thx
  9. Do you have overlapped faces on the uvlayout ?
  10. By the way, Haunted, thank you for taking the time to look into this. An Applink that can export a model that either originates in 3D Coat (via the FILE menu > EXPORT TO > Blender), or that came from Blender > modified in 3D Coat, and have the materials setup (via a Principled Shader) to being rendering in Cycles or Evee, is sorely needed. If a model has a lot of individual parts and UV maps, it's a bit of a hassle to have to go and hookup all the nodes to their associated maps. This plugin could save a lot of setup time and make create a nice workflow between the apps. You can contact Andrew (support@3dcoat.com) for help working with the applink. He might even contract you to do so, although I think the best thing would be to setup a Gumroad page or offer it on BlenderMarket. You deserve to be compensated for your efforts, and for filling a need. The applink has never exported materials over, to use for Cycles.
  11. This goes with the last 2 above postings... I am not being critical just pointing out what needs to be changed for your plug-in to work. The plug -in result at it's imported settings compared to the settings for correct rendering.
  12. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this question. I wonder if there should be a place for new users learning to use the application and are getting stuck on specific methods. My question: Why can't I paint on some parts of a model after making an ambient occlusion layer? When using some materials, 3D-coat needs to calculate and create an ambient occlusion layer, and a curvature layer. Fine. I don't necessarily understand why it needs to make these for me to use the texture, but that's not really the problem. The problem is that in the areas that it is darkened with AO, I am unable to paint that texture. Why is that the case? And, how can turn off the ambient layer and paint into those empty areas? Here you can see that there is a place on this model that has an empty place that can't be painted on, and from what I can tell it's all the areas that are darkened with AO. Maybe there's a different reason? Because of piece overlaying? What am I doing wrong? Any help very welcome.
  13. Here is a correct rendering when all is setup correctly in 3DC and Blender. It is pretty close with only some minor tweaking. I used the same Hdr image for both 3DC and Blender. No added lights in Blender only the hdr image. This is a manual setup not the plug-in. In the second picture is the correct setup for 3DC to Blender. Setting up correct GGX shader, Texture Export / Import Workflow and the export panel. The export constructor for Blender Cycles is indeed broken. Since you updated the script the simple one is the one to use. I did not rename the nodes in the picture it is just to demonstrate.
  14. Found a few minutes to test. I set up a 3DC export constructor preset according to the naming convention you showed in the picture. The maps now load. EDIT: The eport constructor is broken for Blender cycles use the simple one, works since you update the script. You still have a few errors in your setup. Metallic, Roughness and Normal maps need to be set to Non_Color_Data for the PBR Principled Shader to read them properly as stated in my earlier postings. This is a must for the correct rendering of these maps. Click on the drop down arrow and you will see Non_Color_Data in the list. The Image Texture node (Metallic) needs to be inputed into the Metallic slot on the Shader not Specular. Specular is used for artistic purposes mainly. The current setup will render the metallic map incorrectly. Thank you again for working on the plug-in.
  15. Source Recent Unreal Dev Grant recipient, Pakistan-based 3rd World Studios is on a mission to produce high-quality animated features for local and international audiences, exposing a side of Pakistani culture that doesn’t get covered by the mainstream media. “Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor” is the company’s first feature film about a young Pakistani boy from the North setting off on a journey to save his friend Mehru. The 3rd World Studios leadership team has extensive experience working on AAA game titles and drew on that knowledge to develop an Unreal Engine-based film animation workflow.
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  17. What's going on? In Extrude mode and something is interfering with the tool. Using 4.8.10
  18. I will test again, later today or tomorrow the new script. I do not mind the current way of how the plug-in works. Yes you have to import the model into Blender first, but a simple plug-in is less likely to get broken. I would suggest keep the current method but investigate the 3DC to Blender applinks, there are two by the way...
  19. Import gives me tris instead of quads

    Doing nothing wrong at all. 3DC in the sculpt in room converts quads to triangles. The workflow is not quad based like Zbrush. The tri model on the left would be the one to increase the tri count to sculpt on, plus the the live-clay tools have localized dynamic tessellation on the fly. The model on the right could be imported into the retopo room to become your retopo mesh for baking the normal or displacement map to the paint room.
  20. Issue with Normalmap

    Thank you Carlosan for contacting support and the preferences tip! I find the whole normalmaps thing super interesting and i'll def try to dig deeper. My colleagues use Zbrush in their workflow and when they bake normals they get the clean example like the face in my previous post. Yet the normals baked by 3DCoat work aswell however the preview of the normal looks strange. I'm getting the feeling that it has someting to do with the cubes example from my previous post.... To be continued
  21. Kenmo's WIP

    A futuristic sky car... I roughed together some primitives in Groboto3D and exported them as an OBJ to 3DC where I did some sculpting & painting....
  22. I have a base model in Blender, exported as .fbx (and reimported to test if everything is fine, yes it is). Importing it into 3D Coat (Surface Sculpting) I get a model made out of tris instead of quads: What am I doing wrong here?
  23. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    When you move vertices around with the Add/Split tool, 3d-coat does not seem to "recalculate normals" like it does with the Brush tool. Surely, that is an oversight ? I am not sure about the terminology to use, sorry if I am saying something completely stupid.
  24. Hey, just tried the latest AppLink for Blender, seems to be broken with 2.79. I can import the Mesh but that's it. Clicking on "Transfer" gives me a syntax error. Is it normal, that I have to Select "File => Export => Blender" in 3D Coat and manually find my Export Folder? Or am I doing it wrong? When I find the time, I will look into the existing AppLink code and try to enhance it. I just need to figure out what these option were supposed to do:
  25. Would it be possible to integrate this with the current Blender Applink? You could sell it as an updated Blender Applink on Gumroad or BlenderMarket. I'd be one of the first in line. The Applink for 3ds Max works really well. You can choose a render preset in the Max side of the Applink (ie. iRay, Mental Ray, VRay) and when exporting a model from 3D Coat to Max, you go to FILE > EXPORT TO > 3ds Max 20xx and it sends the model to Max and loads it into the scene with the materials all hooked up and ready to render. Something like this would be AWESOME for Blender. Maybe an AMD ProRender preset, but just Cycles for now.
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