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  2. Can anyone else confirm if this is indeed a bug, or perhaps i'm just doing it wrong. If i assign a different hotkey to the custom navigation section to replace "MMB" move in screen space. (to pan the viewport). The viewport simply slowly scrolls camera left with the custom key input. it only seems to function correctly with the middle mouse button
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  4. All it took was one curious enthusiast to pull the curtain back on what could potentially be a new bombshell product that AMD is sitting on. The 16 core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is already the world’s most powerful desktop CPU in existence today, but its reign on the throne of processordom won’t remain uncontested for long. Intel, AMD’s giant rival, is working on an 18 core CPU that’s set to come out later this year in hopes of moving the CPU war’s tide back in its favor. But, as it turns out, this will not be by any means an easy endeavor. Threadripper Autopsy Reveals AMD Is Sitting On A Bombshell 32 Core Desktop CPU All it took was one enthusiast and one thousand dollars. That’s right, all thanks go to world-renowned overclocker der8auer for taking the time and the effort – and spending a thousand bucks – to perform a Threadripper delidding. In case you’re not familiar with the term, delidding refers to the process by which the metal lid covering a consumer desktop processor is removed to reveal the innards of the chip. Usually, this is done by extreme overclockers to expose the silicon die — in Threadripper’s case it’s multiple dies — to apply direct cooling onto the circuitry. In this particular case der8auer did more than just a standard delidding, for all intents and purposes he performed a professional hardware autopsy. After removing the metal lid, he proceeded to unseat each of the Threadripper dies, sandpapering the copper layer down and fully exposing the silicon. Digging Through The Silicon Guts – Four Ryzen Dies, 8-Cores Each What der8auer confirmed was that AMD is in fact using four functional Ryzen dies to create a single Threadripper chip. In case you’re thinking, well, that sounds familiar, that’s because it is. AMD’s EPYC server processors are made the exact same way, with four Ryzen dies. This means that AMD, well… has the means – forgive the wordplay – to actually produce and launch a desktop processor with up to 32 cores. der8auer goes one step further to postulate that this is the very reason AMD is using four dies, because it may in fact have plans to produce a 32 core desktop processor. And again, if that prospect sounds familiar that’s because it is. I concluded months back, before Threadripper launched, based on the hardware specs of the TR4 socket that AMD does in fact have the option and capability of creating such a product. It’s only a question of will at this point.
  5. Hi all, This is another question where I'm struggling with workflow. I built a complex model in Cinema4D that is designed for subdivision. there are a lot of really fine sharpening cuts. These make it somewhat difficult to build the UV set for, as I have to zoom way in to get exactly the right edge. Would you suggest doing those sharpening cuts once I've exported from 3DCoat? Or am I thinking about this wrong? Thanks! Justin
  6. RAW 3D Coat Render after the base painting. EVERYTHING is procedural material , haven't copied / paint over a thing from the original concept. Around 120 materials so far and i am preparing 2 more collections based on this new REALISTIC technique!!!!! I am starting to uploading the materials and brushes , after upload the discount will end. For the tutorials i will try to finish and upload in the next couple days as well.
  7. Updated to 4.8.02 - Space panel text recovered - Japanese fonts corrected again - Correct booleans with flipped objects - Dropdown arrow in materials window (and other) recovered - little tweaks to make medium/large UI modes to be correct.
  8. Okay so I searched but am coming back with some conflicting results. I have and obj that has 4 uv maps with a material id setting for each map. These maps when viewed all at once are overlapping because they are all at 0,0 uv space. Is it possible to paint a single line (for example) across the whole obj and then export each uv map with that painted line, so when I go back into my render engine I can feed each map to it's corresponding material id and then be able to render that whole obj showing a single line across the whole object? I hope I made my confuggled question easy to understand and thanks for your input!
  9. I think Andrew needs to drop that long list menu when RMB a Smart Material. There is no need for all those folders to be shown. It doesn't really do anything and worst of all, it forces the user to reach way up to the top of the UI just to click the SMART MATERIAL EDITOR. That option needs to be right at your finger tips, but it can't due to that mile long list pushing it to the top of the UI. As for the Quick Access panel, I suspect Andrew hid the labels to minimize the amount of space that panel takes up. It's HUGE and often requires more effort to locate and select the tool you want, than the Tool Panel on the left. That's why I rarely use the Quick Access Panel. The very second you hover over the icon, the tool name again, I think Andrew probably removed the label for a good reason. If nothing else, it helps reduce the visual clutter in that panel.
  10. I've never known a curve to bulge like that. Seems there would be another curve point in there, that isn't showing for some odd reason. I would try to redraw the curve or use other brushes...maybe Sphere brush in Voxel mode?....with the Spline Stroke Draw Mode from the E-Panel. Might give you more control and a cleaner result. I agree that Andrew really needs to overhaul the Curves Tool and I hope the Pose tool as well. Both are really powerful, but need some refinement. I just asked him today by email, if he would give us the same transform gizmo in the Curves tool, that we have in the Transform tool. The one in the current Curves tool is an old legacy gizmo, that's quite antiquated, IMO...and is not consistent with the other transform gizmos in the app. Nor is the one in the Tweak Room. I really hope he changes it so no matter where you are in the app, when you need to transform a mesh selection or Curve point, you have the same gizmo to work with.
  11. Indeed... the rotate function moves the point to another location. It's quite a limitation of the curve tool I must say. Need to think about another way then to make a rim around my object. Kind regards, Robert
  12. Using Rotate Button, handles on 3DC are limited. Sadly can't modify tangents as any other 3D software.
  13. hint: ShowFoldersAsButtons must be off * arrow disappears = confirmed
  14. It works like this: " - If there are too many folders in materials/stencils etc, they will be represented as droplist. " The thing is that arrow disappears in smart materials when they represented as droplist. here is a video:
  15. Thanks a lot dear Carlosan, Its a nice tutorial, but i need something beyond the basics. As you can see in the previous image, the curve is bulging out to right of the first horizontal point. And in the following image you can see that adding a point between 1 and 2 only makes it worse. I need something along the line of the last image; changing the tangency (from C4D). Thank you for you help :-)
  16. Edit > Preferences Is Treat Retopo Objects... off ? How many retopo groups you have in a single UV set ? When Baking, 3DC create materials for every RetopoGroup. Use the command UnifyUV to Move all faces to current UVset. Hope this help * Can you share the model to take a look ?
  17. Hi 3DCoat Team! Thanks a lot for this very welcome updates. I the coming days I hope to start exploring all new features, but I think that it should be very desirable to have some new video tutorials about that. In the meantime I found that there's a little some issue with the UI. I'm running 3D-Coat 4.8.01 OpenGL 64 on WIndows 10 Pro 64 Bit 1) In the Sculpt Room the Quick Access window has no labels but only icons. Labels are invisible. 2) The Smart Materials Tab of the Paint Room doesn't reacts properly to the RMB to change the materials. Only if I pick the little arrow and the "Folder" menu item, it works. Please check this brief video : I stay tuned. Have a nice day. Marco (mkdm)
  18. Intriguing! I mostly use Maya and 3D Coat and whenever I import a model with multiple materials 3D Coat seems to create a UV set for each material so I always just assumed that's how it works. If you do find any solutions or further info be sure to report back and clear up the mystery.
  19. Hi Fluffy-- Huge thanks / will review in detail in morn. I just figured out that there can be multiple UV sets--and that my stuff was living on different UV "layers." What I cannot fathom is how it got this way--as this is a straight OBJ import from SILO or MAX....and I never created the layers. Oddly, they are -linked- to the MATs....somehow. So I did bring everything to a single UV set---but then the MATS went with. Somehow the UV set then forces itself onto the MAT. So, still lost my color setup. I tried a test cube w/ multiple MATs and it did not show up in multiple UV layers--it was just fine. My main model must have gotten clobbered somehow....I 'spect if I am cautious in future, I can get it to behave like the cube. I'm also convinced that there is a fix here. Meantime, this model is a little clobbered and no going back...fortunately it is also done so I wont have to suffer. Thx for your help! R/.
  20. If you're seeing greyed out areas in the UV room then you may have the wrong UV set selected. 3D Coat does seem a little confusing when it comes to differentiating between UV sets and materials, if you Unify UVs then it also "unifies" the materials, similarly deleting the unused UV sets will then delete the corresponding materials. That being said I'm not sure if this could be considered the "correct workflow" but here's what works for me. 1. Import the .OBJ model using either the UV Map Mesh option in the Start Menu (Shift+M) or by going to File > Import > Model for Per Pixel Painting. 2. Modify the UVs (using the pulldown menu to select the correct UV set for each material). 3. Once you've finished editing your UVs just hit Apply UV-Set then export your object. (tested & working on v4.7.36 and v4.8.01) If you need to unify the UVs in order to view them all simultaneously when editing them you can always use the pulldown menu just to the right of the UV Set Selection menu to move selected islands back to their correct UV sets afterwards.
  21. I have a drop down list for my smart materials and do not see the special menu you speak of. All I see is the plus icon on the far right to add a new folder. I have a drop down list for my alpha tab too and that does have the arrow to adjust the preview sizes though. So might be a bug the smart materials are missing that when a drop down is present. Speaking of which 2 things about smart material UI: 1) It would be very nice to have the names for each smart material as a toggle option to show up under each material. I know this has been mentioned before, would still be greatly appreciated as an option. 2) Hovering over each material is like playing whack-a-mole sometimes. The tootip that appears to show a larger preview and the material name seems inconsistent on where it will appear on my screen. Sometimes it appears on the left side and other times when I hover over another material the preview is much lower in the middle of the screen.
  22. I'm currently thinking that my trouble is that i am UNIFYING UVs....which resets everything to the #1 material. I don't really understand how 3DC works w. multiple materials on a single UV space--i see greyed out stuff until i unify....even when the OBJ started out unified already. So this may be my area of weakness. Kindly illuminate me into a correct workflow, O Swamis! Thx- R/.
  23. Carlos-- It is a -great- video thanks, in fact it is part of how i trained myself up in 3DCOAT. I'm actually a pretty good UV guy these days in 3DC. So, that said-- I super appreciate, but it is sortof unrelated to my question! I'm able to UV just fine, it is the Materials loss that is a problem. Thanks much, Sir! Roger
  24. I did not understand your procedure, sorry. Is this video useful for you ?
  25. Carlos-- I have the latest release, but are you suggesting i use the Beta flavor? If you think that will do it-I can give a try. I just thought the paint room somehow didn't store my MAT data--and somehow it is reapplying the first material "over" everything else. I had therefore thought that i might need to somehow "import" color/mat data into paint before committing UVs. R/.
  26. 4.7.35, yes!
  27. Hi ! Are you using latest version ?
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