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00001143D-Coat v3.xSculpting with voxels (Voxel room)public2011-03-01 11:39
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7 x64
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Summary0000114: Persistent memory leak
DescriptionWhen working in the voxel room, memory consumption will climb without appropriate cause(ie. Increase Resolution, Create new object, etc.), oftentimes as much as 1GB or more. It will hold the wasted amount, and the only way to flush it is to exit 3D Coat and re-open the file.

I have seen an object scaled down (reduce resolution) to preserve RAM, and memory consumption doesn't change until after exiting the application and re-opening the file. The difference in RAM usage was 3-4GB!
Steps To ReproduceSimply sculpt (without adding any new objects or increasing resolution) for any length of time and watch RAM usage climb (using Windows Task Manager).
Additional InformationVideo Capture of the problem:
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2011-01-19 15:47

administrator   ~0000160

I discovered the situation. Actually it is was only partially a leak. Anyway, situation improved, but needs more testing and checking.


2011-01-31 12:32

developer   ~0000174



2011-03-01 11:39

developer   ~0000368

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It still occurs every time I work in Voxels. After a while 3DC will consume a large amount....but as soon as you exit the application and reopen the very same file, I've seen as much as 4-5GBs LESS being used.

This must get fixed. 3DC already consumes way too much system resources as it is. I've shown multiple examples and multiple work files for months and nothing has been done to remedy this problem.

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