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00001333D-Coat v3.xPaint roompublic2011-07-25 13:33
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Summary0000133: The flatten brush distorts surface normal.
DescriptionThe flatten brush distorts surface normal and sometimes makes wire frame apparent.
Additional InformationThis happened 3.5.09 but in 3.5.11, it happens frequently.
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2011-02-05 03:48


flattenA.jpg (44,405 bytes)
flattenA.jpg (44,405 bytes)


2011-02-25 13:06

developer   ~0000352

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this flatten brush is very unstable. Is this important tool to have in paint room. Maybe there is someone out there who is using this tool, who can enlighten me.

this tool seams to fit into voxel and sculpt room but not in paint room anymore.


2011-02-26 06:28


wire.jpg (34,696 bytes)
wire.jpg (34,696 bytes)


2011-02-26 06:28

viewer   ~0000354

I am comfortable with generating displacement map in PPP room with show displaced mesh on and adjusting sub patch degree.
I tested the displacement map in Maya and mental ray reproduce the shape precisely.
Micro vertex mode sometimes distort the displacement map if the mesh has topology like the one in the picture.
And sometimes it makes unwanted lines.

The other advantages of using PPP are painting and the number of polygons.

This is why I do not use micro vertex mode anymore and I would like to have the flatten brush in PPP if possible.

Thank you.


2011-07-23 10:30

developer   ~0000750

I'm not able to see those black dots anymore. Can someone confirm if this issue is solved or not. It surely looks like it.


2011-07-25 13:33

developer   ~0000756

I change this as a resolved, because it works much better than it used to.
If there is still something it's better to create new report for it.

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