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00015063D-Coat v4.5Retopo roompublic2016-01-16 14:14
ReporterMaloAssigned ToAndrew 
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Summary0001506: Usage of Retopo Models are very weird
DescriptionIf you use one of the basic objects, like the cube, you get some useless extra layers and a new UV-Set, after apply.

If you choose yes if the surface should snap on the Voxel object, other RetopoGroups snap, too.

If you move one RetopoGroup into the RtpModels field, all RetopoGroups get moved, not the one that you choose.

If you get it Work and move one RetopoGroup into the RtpModels field and use that, you get some useless RetopoGroups as above, too. But much more as on a basic object.

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2015-01-28 17:52

administrator   ~0004215



2016-01-04 16:06

reporter   ~0004848

Still not fixed


2016-01-16 14:14

administrator   ~0004864

fixed in 4.5.27

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