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Summary0000179: Scene Scale in 3DC needs "standardized"
DescriptionHere is a thread with some reading on the topic:

3DC doesn't handle scene size very well with some objects. When importing for merging, or painting, depending on each mesh this is done for, the scene/object size varies drastically, when in another application (Modo, LW, wings, maya, XSI, etc.) the scale is spot on.

Would it be possible to adopt a more streamlined way of using scale/measurements? As it stands, it seems all over the board.
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2011-03-01 11:37

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I agree, +1 for standard units of measurement. PalSan


2011-03-01 14:17

administrator   ~0000371

I made improvement in this area. The second merged object will by default get scale of previously merged object even afetr reloading scene or leaving merge tool. In previous implementation scale was lost after leaving merge tool or loading scene.

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