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00001873D-Coat v3.xPaint roompublic2011-03-13 11:31
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Summary0000187: Texture Editor 2D paint with 'Draw with lines' tool broken
DescriptionPainting normals/bump etc ... in 2D mode in Texture Editor is broken with some tools like line tool, it happens for pretty long time(not only last version)

If line tool is used part of drawn pattern will be missing.
Steps To Reproduce1.Import cylinder or other round object like sphere
2.Open 2D Texture Editor
3.Try to paint normal pattern in 2D mode around whole cylinder (360 degree), by using 'Draw with lines' in 2D mode in texture editor


4.Some part normals will be missing despite drawing from start edge to end edge

Screenshot :
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2011-03-07 11:08

viewer   ~0000398

This feature is very important to work because there is no radial symmetry brush in 3DC coat , so it would be very good to draw normals around objects (like cylinders or spheres) in 2D mode in texture editor.


2011-03-13 11:31

administrator   ~0000419

Fixed in 3.5.14E or later.
Btw, couple other bugs related to line mode was fixed.

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