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00019403D-Coat v4.5Scriptingpublic2015-07-04 16:49
Reporterajz3dAssigned ToAndrew 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version(64 Bit)
Product Version4.5.03 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001940: Several issues with UI functions.
DescriptionAddCheckBox - displays only several first characters of the checkbox name. Try using AddTranslate and input a longer string to see how most of it is then chopped off.

AddIntSlider displays value as it was a float (decimal padding of three). Slider works okay, but it's confusing to see float formatting on an integer slider.

AddTranslation for AddFloatInput doesn't work.

AddTranslation for AddIntInput doesn't work.

Steps To Reproduce// Please run this script to see the errors I described.
void main(){
  bool bval1 = true;
  bool bval2 = false;
  float fval1 = 2.5;
  float fval2 = 3.5;
  int ival1 = 1;
  int ival2 = 10;
  string sval1 = "string1";
  string sval2 = "string2";
  AddTranslation("bval1","I'm checkbox numer 1"); // Only a few first characters are visible
  AddTranslation("bval2","I'm checkbox number 2"); // Only a few first characters are visible
  AddTranslation('fval1',"I'm a float slider!");
  AddIntSlider('ival1',0,5); // Has decimal padding of three, like a float. It's confusing.
  AddTranslation('ival1',"I'm an integer slider!");
  AddTranslation("fval2","I'm a float input box"); // Doesn't work!
  AddTranslation("ival2","I'm an integer input box"); // Doesn't work!
  AddStringInput("sval1", false);
  AddTranslation("sval1","I'm a string input box");
  AddTranslation("sval2","I'm a text field");
  AddDroplist("I'm a droplist!","Case1,Case2,Case3");

void foo(){}
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2015-07-03 16:20



2015-07-04 16:49

administrator   ~0004647

fixed in 4.5.05

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