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00002463D-Coat v3.xOtherpublic2011-04-17 10:402011-12-12 22:32
Assigned Togeothefaust 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version64bit
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000246: Tools not supporting Masks
DescriptionI spent a couple hours going through all of the tools in 3DC (where applicable), attempting to discover which tools do and do not work with masks.

Here are all of the tools that do not support/work with masks as of build 3.5.17D:

Voxel Room (Voxel & Surface Tools)

(Voxel) Burrow, Muscles, Spikes, Snake, Text, Curves, Primitives

(Voxel) Sphere, Plane, Scrape, Pinch

(Voxel) Pose, Move, Hide, Cell (hide), Copy, Cut&Clone

(Surface Mode) Smooth, Pinch, Shift, Fill, Move

Tools that do occasionally (but are buggy and don't work correctly)

(Voxel) Clone

Part of the confusion here, at least for the Pose tool, is that the Pose tool works with masks perfectly fine in Surface mode but does not work at all in Voxel mode.


Paint Room (PTEX, Per Pixel & Microvertex Modes all tested)

Shift layer in tangent space (all modes, Smudge, Collapse & Expand)
Clone (All modes, Translation, Mirrring, Inversion, Clone Sector, Smmetrical Copy, Copy using pen)
Transform/Copy (Copying and pasting)
Text tool
Eraser tool
Hide tool
Topological symmetry


Sculpt Room

All tools (Move, Select/Move, Drag points, Draw, Collapse, Expand, Shift, Smudge, Flatten, Smooth)
Steps To ReproducePick any of the tools listed above
Select a mask
Attempting to paint or sculpt with mask applied
Additional InformationIf any screenshots or demo videos are required, please just let me know.
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geothefaust (developer)
2011-06-24 22:16

Any update on this?
haikalle (developer)
2011-06-26 17:58
edited on: 2011-06-26 18:00

I think that some work has done already to solve this issue. Because (Voxel) Plane, Scrape already works.

I'm not quite sure how (Voxel) Burrow, Muscles, Spikes, Snake should work with masks.

But I can confirm that pose tool dosen't work with masks in voxel mode.

haikalle (developer)
2011-11-07 13:01
edited on: 2011-11-07 13:04

Now Pose tool does work with mask. I'm not sure do we need to keep this report still open?

Andrew (administrator)
2011-11-07 16:32

It is rather feature request IMO. Most of tools are not easy to do compatible with mask.
geothefaust (developer)
2011-12-12 22:32

Pose tool now works with masks. Other tools considered feature request.

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