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00002673D-Coat v3.xPaint roompublic2011-11-22 15:04
ReporterTarosAssigned ToAndrew 
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version64 Bit
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Summary0000267: Problems with palette window
Description1. You can not always edit colors in the color palette window. See the steps to reproduce for more infos.

2. When a window is docked, it can not be closed by pressing the exit icon in the right upper corner. Not nice. It works when the window is undocked.
Steps To ReproduceColor box problem:
- Dock your color palette to the upper right menu, as the first top window.
- Move your mousecursor over a color box and press the RMB, the edit menu should appear (all right)
- Now change the dockwindow height by dragging the lower border of the window
- Now try to press the RMB over a color box again -> No edit menu appear, you see the load/Save menu only -> A bug
- Try it with different window sizes, if you can not reproduce it the first time.

Be shure sometime your will see the bug.
Additional InformationIf the edit color menu does not appear anymore, just click on the new color icon (green ball). Then a new color will be placed to the palette and the edit menu works again.
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2011-06-17 12:25

administrator   ~0000696

Fixed in 3.5.21


2011-06-28 20:01

administrator   ~0000736

The bug exists slightly different in version 3.5.21.
Look at my new screenshot.

When you use the steps to reproduce, you will see the result in my shot.


2011-06-28 20:01


palettebug1.jpg (35,680 bytes)
palettebug1.jpg (35,680 bytes)


2011-09-20 15:17

administrator   ~0001060

This time finally fixed in 3.5.25


2011-11-22 15:04

administrator   ~0001301

Solution confirmed.

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