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00003063D-Coat v4.1Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)public2014-08-03 17:00
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Summary0000306: Symmetry on a volume basis
DescriptionCould we have symmetry per volume ?

I often deactivate symmetry to work on an asymetrical volume and forget to reactivate it to work on another symmetrical volume leading to some headache with current liveclay integration since resymmetry in surface mode is converted to voxels (losing details).

Thank you.
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2013-08-04 08:27

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2013-08-25 09:30

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Rebump, major annoyance since resym command can create mesh issues such as explosions/holes/tears.


2014-01-19 10:05

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bump. Zbrush has it, mudbox has it, helix has it.
One variable, a check, hard to write.


2014-01-20 21:33

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Symm copy in SF mode does not convert to voxel.I dont know why you say this.

All Liveclay tesselation is mirrored and preserved.
There is absolutely no loss in details.

In SF mode it is exactly like Zbrush (it flips a copy and weld points at center)


2014-01-20 21:43

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So we have a workaround tool so we don't need a smart workflow. 3dcoat's way !
Thank you.


2014-01-20 22:07

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What workaround?
Symmetry in 3Dcoat is per volume and always has been.
I dont understand your request(Im not being sarcastic here)
Also you say Resym convert to voxels and its just not true...
its exactly like Zbrush..

I dont understand why you say "workaround"?

Do I understand correctly? ; By "per volume" you mean each volume has its own symmetry?


2014-01-20 22:12

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No, symmetry is not per volume. Symmetry is global. Symmetry axis is per volume, that's the difference.

Toggle symmetry off, it's off for every tool.
That's stupid, on a model you may need symmetrical and asymmetrical parts, you can't have both mode when switching between parts: you're either symmetrical or you're not on ALL parts.
If I don't want symmetry on a model, I set it, done. As it currently stands I have to toggle it on and off depending on the part I'm working on. That's a waste of time, it's prone to human error, and there comes the "workaround tool": symmcopy. 3dcoat's way.

BTW, if you look at the report date (2011 !! yay !) it was still using voxel for resym, converting to surface mode afterwards, hence the detail loss.


2014-01-20 22:18

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ohh....the toggling.Ok ,I understand. Good idea.I think you should rename your request like "Please Add "Remember Symmetry on/off for each layers in Preferences"
"per volume symmetry" is too vague.

also please dont say stuff like details loss ect...without verifying first.
Sym copy in Sf mode never converted model to voxels.Always preserved LC details(in all builds).I've been using it everyday since the introduction of LC.There is enough issues in 3DCoat already not to add fake ones on top of it.


2014-01-20 22:20

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No, it was converting to voxel at that date, I'm not making things up here, it was corrected later on but at that time it was voxel>surface. I'M SURE of it.

proof: Raul said it here:


2014-01-20 22:29

reporter   ~0003480

my bad,sorry...dont remember where I was in 2011,probably was playing Zelda or something. Hard to believe LC was already implemented.It does not feel that long ago.


2014-07-17 18:33

administrator   ~0003801

Agree, symmetry should be per volume. With new approach it is relatively easy to implment. The only question - if the volume has symmetry and you switched to volume where there was no symmetry set - should symmetry be disabled or kept as on previous volume? I think it should disappear, is it ok?
On other note - probaly symmetry should be transformed as well with transform tool, right?


2014-07-17 23:35

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disabled...(anyway,I think this is what Beat was requesting)

More importantly for me is the ability to toggle it on/off using only one hotkey/function which is currently not possible,

By transformed what do you mean? I thought Its already working that way...and its definitely one on 3DCoat strongest feature I would even say I could not work in 3Dcoat without it....

another note (unrelated):
What would also be very useful would be to be able to pick/steal a symmetry plane from another volume with one click....

Right now method is a little complicated (clone space density then use Move to...also it works only in SF mode because moving to other space density in voxel mode change the details of volumes)

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