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Summary0000032: Retopo Groups Color Coding & Locking
DescriptionThe ability to change the color of a retopo mesh has become a necessity. If there were a color swatch in the retopo groups for which a user could define a color would drastically enhance work flow and ease of use of 3DC for retopology.

The idea is, the user clicks the swatch, this prompts with the color picker, the user chooses a color and once complete the swatch color will change to what the user has selected. Thus the retopo mesh it is associated with also changes color in the 3D viewport.

Notice also a few small tweaks; The text name is right aligned, There is now also a LOCK icon to lock the mesh from editing and also a color SWATCH icon for the aforementioned change.

Check the attached mock-up for more details.
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2010-10-25 08:58



2010-10-25 16:05

administrator   ~0000018

The idea is nice.
In my opinion the text align should be always optional and defined by the user (text align: left, center, right).


2010-12-08 12:52

developer   ~0000038

Agree very nice feature. But I think text should be in the center as it is right now. If Andrew wants to add option for text alignment that's fine. But center should be the default. But color box idea is very good.


2011-02-27 09:41

developer   ~0000356

Any word on this?

Agree with you guys on the text align. :)


2011-06-07 12:36

administrator   ~0000693

I have changed permission for guest user and have deleted post with spam links. Thanks for reporting.


2011-09-03 07:54

developer   ~0000869

This was added almost a year ago. Any word on this? I think that custom colors per retopo group/layer is a very good feature to have.


2011-09-05 09:33

administrator   ~0000887

@Andrew: Can you give some status info about this feature request?


2012-06-18 17:02

reporter   ~0001456

Still no news on this?

Feels like 3D-Coat is really lagging behind with topology just because of this problem, especially when working on a mesh that already has UVs.
Your retopo meshe ends up with some random ultra-saturated color with checkers over it, making it impossible to see the reference mesh underneath (even when tweaking the lighting settings).

Ideally I want the retopo mesh material to be almost completely transparent, just having a slider somewhere to determine the transparency would be enough (Topogun gives much better options for this for example).

(Posted a second screenshot just to illustrate the problem, hope that's ok).


2012-06-18 17:02


3dc_retopocolors.jpg (233,028 bytes)
3dc_retopocolors.jpg (233,028 bytes)


2012-07-09 07:17

developer   ~0001481

Another theory I had, which is similar to what Javis said above, was to have a specific color palette that the user can set with whatever colors they want and save it as an ACO file like the other palettes. 3DC would look for a certain file name and use only those colors randomly, if that file name is not found it just uses the current method.


2012-08-28 23:13

reporter   ~0001685

I'm retopo-ing a character this time and i just find this color organisation is missing from 3D Coat.
Hope andrew want to integrate something similar at least.


2012-11-18 13:21

administrator   ~0002033

mark seams over a blue retopo give BIG troubles


2013-01-04 16:11

reporter   ~0002184

This is absolutely a must. Sometimes the automatic colour 3D Coat assigns to retopo groups makes working in Retopo Room a nightmare for human eyes (e.g. black edges on dark blue faces).


2013-02-12 13:00

administrator   ~0002421

absolutely must

Im doing a manual retopo over a WHITE retopo mesh :P


2013-02-12 15:40


RETOPOWHITE.jpg (173,685 bytes)
RETOPOWHITE.jpg (173,685 bytes)


2013-02-12 15:42

reporter   ~0002422



2013-02-14 13:32

administrator   ~0002433

Each group can't have separate color because each cluster, not each group has own color. So this request can't be fulfilled exactly and still stays unresolved. I may do customization of palette used across all clusters. Will it be enough?


2013-02-14 13:37

reporter   ~0002434

That would be a big help.


2013-02-14 16:14

reporter   ~0002435

Select the mark seams button. Now you can use the drop down menu of the UV checker to load any bitmap you want. I have a number of custom ones, including a few 64x64 bitmaps of basic colors which come in handy, especially when making selections and marking seams (yellow on green is common and horrid).

Other ways to possibly aid visibility include the ambient and primary lighting controls, view menu, z-bias slider, opacity slider, the hide menu, and theme preferences to a degree.

None of that is an ideal solution compared to adding new features, but better than nothing if your having difficulty. I would love more control over wireframe and selection colors on the fly too.


2013-02-14 16:53

administrator   ~0002436

customization of palette used across all clusters...
Will it be enough for sure !!

BIG BIG help. :D ty


2013-02-14 17:49

reporter   ~0002437

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Please if all at possible add this to 3DCoat. I was helping a user through Skype and his retopo mesh was bright green in the area he was working on making it almost impossible to select the uv seams...

+1 on all the other reasons as well.


2013-02-26 00:41

developer   ~0002562

Hi Andrew, what do you mean exactly by each cluster does so each group cannot? I'm not following exactly why each group cannot have their own colour as specified by the user, when each group already has it's own colour.



2013-03-21 05:51

developer   ~0002716


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