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00000403D-Coat v4Paint roompublic2012-10-30 21:56
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Summary0000040: Create specular/depth channel by drag and drop
DescriptionIn the paint tab currently you can create a new color layer by using drag and drop a image file from the explorer(or other file manager).
I would like to see this very nice and fast feature for the specular channel and the depth channel(normalmaps) too.

How it could work:
1. Drag an drop a file from the desk or your file manager
2. 3DC ask you for which channel this file have to be used (color, specular or depth)
3. 3DC ask you: have the current active layer to be used as the target for the new file or a different one(specular and depth only). The last option would be to create a completely new layer with the dragged image.
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2012-10-30 21:56

administrator   ~0001913

Not really needed anymore. In the meantime there were included similar import options to do it, even if not in the same fast way like my request idea.

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