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00004333D-Coat v4Sculpting on surface (Surface mode in Voxel room)public2012-10-31 12:41
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Summary0000433: Boolean operation using the curve tool when using default splines produces holes in the spline mesh
DescriptionTesting Linux 64 bit non-cuda 3.7.01A OGL
Surface mode
Beta tools enabled with remove stretching selected

When using the curve tool on some of the default splnes, holes or missing pieces are produced in the spline meshes after applying for the boolean operation.

Clean surface produces an explosion of the splines that were boolean into the mesh. The above holes I would think causes the explosion
Steps To ReproduceTesting Linux 64 bit non-cuda 3.7.01A OGL
Surface mode
Beta tools enabled with remove stretching selected

Select the default sphere in the "New Menu" upon 3DCoat's startup
Next go to surface mode
Use the curve tool with the pipe spline selected.
Apply for boolean operation.
Holes are produced in the spline mesh.
Some splines will produce missing pieces.

Running clean surface after these errors will cause the spline mesh to explode.

Additional InformationAnytime you need addition information or if my report is unclear, just contact me through a pm...
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2011-11-20 18:43


spline.jpg (120,800 bytes)
spline.jpg (120,800 bytes)


2011-11-21 04:18

administrator   ~0001285

Some patterns are not well suitable for booleans. Especially that one that have huge stretching and big variation of details. Probably we need to refine them to make better suitable for booleans.


2012-10-29 18:23

reporter   ~0001890

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This report can be moved to the closed status.


2012-10-31 12:41

developer   ~0001941

Done :)

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