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00004353D-Coat v3.xSculpting on surface (Surface mode in Voxel room)public2011-11-26 12:44
ReporterdigmanAssigned ToAndrew 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOS(any system)OS Version64 Bit
Product Version3.7.01 
Target Version3.7.01Fixed in Version 
Summary0000435: Severe Brush lag on default cube in surface mode
DescriptionBrush lags severely using the draw brush on a default voxel cube in surface mode to test. Effects other brushes as well. Does not seem to effect LC brushes. Returning to a surface brush after using the LC brushes, you still get the lag.
One Cpu goes to 83% during the lag time. It does hit 100 % before being release and the stroke is drawn.

Version 3.7.01A
beta tools enabled
Steps To ReproduceStart 3DCoat
From New Menu, choose the default voxel cube
Change from voxel mode to surface mode
select remove stretching.
select draw brush and start brushing
Lag starts
Additional InformationThis could be related to one of the possible reasons we are getting the current brush lags that is under discussion on the forums right now.

Note: I not sure when something would be consdered major or minor.
You may change the status to what you think it should be...
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2011-11-22 20:55


cube lag.jpg (307,275 bytes)
cube lag.jpg (307,275 bytes)


2011-11-23 06:07

developer   ~0001305

Very good find digman. Very easy to see.


2011-11-26 12:44

administrator   ~0001306

fixed in 3.7.02

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