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00004813D-Coat v4Sculpting with voxels (Voxel room)public2012-10-29 10:38
ReporterTarosAssigned ToAndrew 
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Summary0000481: Urgent vertex painting request: Keep vertex painting when "merging visible layers" in voxel room
DescriptionI have an urgent feature request:
When using "Merge visible" in voxel room with painted vertex objects, then the merged result should include the painted vertex information after merging!

The reason: A merged surface/voxel scene is baking up to 10-20 times faster then a scene with several(or lot) objects, especially instances. See the post in my blog:
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a sphere.
2. Create some instances of the sphere.
3. Paint the sphere (all instances will be painted -> Great!)
4. Create an empty voxel layer.
5. Select the new layer and "merge visible" to this layer.
Result -> An clean and empty merged object appears, no vertex color information is seen!
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