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00004933D-Coat v3.xPaint roompublic2013-02-21 14:19
ReporterZeddicusAssigned ToAndrew 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version(64 Bit)
Product Version3.7.08 
Target Version3.7.09Fixed in Version 
Summary0000493: Smoothing groups are destroyed.
DescriptionSmoothing groups are ignored when importing an OBJ that has them. When the mesh is exported (after setting up UV's and painting) all polygons will be part of smoothing group 0000001 and all others are deleted. If I import a complex OBJ with 32 smoothing groups, it should also export with those same 32 smoothing groups intact. I've tested various options using the "Model for pixel painting", "Model for microvertex painting", and "Model for Ptex" methods of import. All suffer from the same problem once exported, whether done through the file menu (File>Export>Export Model) or the textures menu (Textures>Export UV).
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a mesh in a 3D modeling application, such as 3ds Max.
2) Create multiple smoothing groups for different polygons.
3) Export this mesh as an OBJ, making sure smoothing groups is ticked.
4) Import into 3D Coat, set up UV's, then paint.
5) Export as an OBJ or FBX from 3D Coat.
6) Import this mesh back into your 3D modeling application.
7) Select polygons and notice you have to redo all your hard work.
Additional InformationI've re-imported my test mesh back into 3ds Max immediately after exporting it to check that my OBJ does indeed have smoothing groups. It does, so the problem must lay with 3D Coat's import and/or export functions. Since Andrew has stated smoothing groups are supported, I must assume this is a bug with 3D Coat.
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2012-03-24 15:16

reporter   ~0001422

Mantis has replaced my NUMBER ONE with 0000001. Hopefully it still makes sense.


2012-04-11 17:52

administrator   ~0001426

3DC preserves import/export of smoothing groups via normals. Normals signal that some edge is sharp or smooth. Probably there are some settings in OBJ importer that allow for max importer to accept normals as source of smoothing groups. Please check.


2012-04-14 04:19

reporter   ~0001434

Are you sure we're talking about the same thing?

I have two OBJ's if you need them, one before 3D Coat and one after 3D Coat. It's a basic cube with six smoothing groups, one for each side. Comparing the two files using the OBJ importer in Max shows very clearly that the "before" one has smoothing groups and the "after" one doesn't. 3DC is definitely deleting them (just like ZBrush annoyingly does). Modo isn't seeing them in the "after" OBJ either despite the fact that it too supports smoothing groups:


2012-04-19 22:51

administrator   ~0001442

Ok, seems I found reason why Max rejects Coat's smoothing groups (Wings 3D accepts for example). Now I made better support of smoothing groups for OBJ-s - written 's' tags expicitly.

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