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00004973D-Coat v4Paint roompublic2012-10-29 10:48
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Summary0000497: Painting materials not responding to material scale correctly, possibly overlap uv related?
DescriptionSomething about the attached model makes it not respond correctly to painting with a material. The four screenshots in the attached zip show the original model, the material selected & scaled, then applied, and then with material mode turned off. You can see how the resulting paint does not have the correct scale.
Steps To ReproduceImport the attached obj for PPP
Select a material with a visible scale such as a grid of some sort.
Scale it so it is large.
Paint one of the larger areas (the "fins") of the antenna thing.
Note how the resulting paint is super small.
Additional InformationLots of overlapping UVs here. Maybe that is affecting it.
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2012-04-11 23:01

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2012-04-11 23:09

reporter   ~0001430

Sorry, the reproducibility is not "always" as first reported. As the screenshots show it can happen, and it was happening over several attempts for me, but subsequent tests are behaving differently. I haven't yet figured out the pattern.

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