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00004983D-Coat v3.xSculpting with voxels (Voxel room)public2012-04-19 17:02
Reporterecosky01Assigned ToAndrew 
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version(64 Bit)
Product Version3.7.09 
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Summary0000498: Transforming primitive seems to have rotate & translate both enabled at the same time
DescriptionWas trying to place a primitive I had imported and it seemed that the rotate and translate widget controls were both active, causing the object to both rotate and translate uncontrollably when the mouse was moved while the left button was pressed. It should be rotate or translate, not both. The attached screenshots show a series of transforms applied to the primitive by merely moving the mouse vertically. Sorry the mouse cursor is not visible in the screenshot. Note the rotate and translate portions of the widget are both yellow.
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2012-04-12 18:27


primitive manipulator (1,122,617 bytes)


2012-04-12 18:48

reporter   ~0001432

Forgot to add, selecting a different part of the transform widget will clear the previous widget multi-selection and it will work correctly after that.


2012-04-19 15:18

administrator   ~0001438

is there way to reproduce?


2012-04-19 15:36

reporter   ~0001440

Yes, activate Primitives mode, select a model in the Models panel, select "transform as whole", and then use the translate manipulator. While the translate manipulator is active, press control key, lift mouse button and use a rotate manipulator. Let go of control key. Subsequent use of transform widget have the unexpected behavior. Re-selecting the primitive in the Models menu will correct it to try again once you trigger it.


2012-04-19 17:02

administrator   ~0001441

fixed in 3.7.10

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