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00005083D-Coat v4Paint roompublic2013-04-05 18:26
Reporterecosky01Assigned Toecosky01 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version(64 Bit)
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Target VersionFixed in VersionBETA 12 
Summary0000508: Fill with Use Other Tools causes artifacts
DescriptionVarious blocky/rectangular artifacts visible when using cube map fill.
Steps To ReproduceCreate sphere, autopo for ppp. Select fill. Pick custom image, I have custom#1 rough skin not sure its default or not but I find the same thing happens with any image fill. Activate use with other tools. Select paint mode, and paint the sphere. Blocky artifacts will appear. Depending on the image the blocky parts will be seemingly random garbage pixel data. I've tried this several times now and have had the same or similar behavior.
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2012-04-30 20:31



2013-04-05 15:59

developer   ~0002784

Hi ecosky01!

Can you confirm that this still bugs you. In my tests I'm not able to see it.


2013-04-05 18:26

reporter   ~0002789

Seems to be working fine with V4 Beta 12D.

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