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00005163D-Coat v3.xPaint roompublic2012-07-21 18:19
Reporter3DArtistAssigned ToAndrew 
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version(64 Bit)
Product Version3.7.12 
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Summary0000516: Loading object with overlapping UV islands.
DescriptionI'm trying to load a tree into 3DC's paint room but I get the "The square of UV set is too big..." error. The tree has two UV maps, one for the trunk and branches and all the leaves in the other UV (all the leaves share the same UV space).

I try to load it anyway, but 3DC starts eating a lot of RAM.

Forum post:

Along similar lines, can you add the ability to:
1. select multiple UV Islands
2. hit copy
3. when pasted, all the selected uv islands "merge" to the same uv space, just like if they were copied and pasted individually.
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2012-06-11 16:45

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2012-07-21 17:37

administrator   ~0001521

You just need to set lower resolution for leaves. Usually is some element is highly repeatable, you don't need to much pixels for each instance.


2012-07-21 18:19

administrator   ~0001522

ok, now you may select multiple islands and paste them into one.

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