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00005623D-Coat v3.xSculpting with voxels (Voxel room)public2012-07-27 14:16
ReporterartmanAssigned ToAndrew 
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Product Version3.7.15 
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Summary0000562: Problem with "To global space" and "to center mass" gizmo placement.
DescriptionI noticed that when setting "leave rotated axis" "to center mass" will properly detect orientation of gizmo,even if object was transformed.

Problem is when non-uniform transformation were used and user need to use To global space feature,then "to center mass" is not able to detect orientaion properly while it is still able to detect center mass properly.
This really need to be fixed or "improved" .
1)non-uniform transformation are essential to design.
2)And because "To global space" is still needed to make some shaders and brushes work correct;y(ex:SF Flatten)

Also we need a way to make space uniform directly within SF mode without need to revert volume to voxels....because this way all LC and SF mode details are lost.
It is very important.
I wish we should not have to use "to global space" but it seems it is a needed operation when designing,it is impossible to avoid it.There is always a time when user need to use it because some ome brushes really don't like non-uniform space and non-uniform transformation are essential .

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2012-07-27 14:16

administrator   ~0001541

ok, I implemented To global space in surface mode without voxelization. Also, I inserrrted additional command - To uniform scace, that works for both - surface and voxel mode. It keeps axis direction and origin point, just scales and performs orthogonalization.

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