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00000633D-Coat v3.xPaint roompublic2012-05-08 11:11
ReporterTarosAssigned ToAndrew 
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Summary0000063: Clone tool ignores locked layer transparency
DescriptionWhen using the clone tool, and the layer transparency is locked, then this have no influence. The clone tool copies the content to all areas, the transparent areas too.
Steps To Reproduce1. Paint some textured strokes to an empty layer
2. Lock transparency of this layer
3. Use the clone tool
-> The clone tool paint on all areas, the locked too.
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2010-11-19 12:58

administrator   ~0000028

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The same happens to the transform/copy tool. It ignores the locked transparency, too.


2012-05-08 11:11

administrator   ~0001447

Please don't forget this issue.

Locked layer transparency is ingnored when painting specular information, too.

Please make it consequent: Locked layer transparency have to be respected by all paint tools!

Such things are really important for a professional workflow.

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