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00000653D-Coat v3.xPaint roompublic2011-04-18 17:36
Reporterphilnolan3dAssigned ToAndrew 
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Summary0000065: Curves not painting across some polygons
Descriptionv3.5.05B CUDA DX 64

I had and reported this problem way back when I was texturing my Jedi Starfighter model and I totally forgot about it until it started happening again with my current model. Just like the subject says for some reason the Curve tool paints fine but stops when it gets to certain polygons.

Here's a quick video:
Steps To ReproducePlace a curve across polygons and press Enter.
Additional InformationIt only happens on some polys so you can't tell which polys until it happens to them. also sometimes it will happen on one poly then later the same poly will be fine. Test file attached.
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2010-11-24 20:23

developer (6,533,842 bytes)


2010-12-09 11:48

developer   ~0000044

This happens still. Although I think that this is bug/limitation of 3d-coat. It always doesn't work nicely when you have very stretched polygons.


2011-01-04 20:20

developer   ~0000150

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I really think that we could close this report too. Because this is a global issue. If polygons are very stretched, This kind of issues happens in other painting programs too.


2011-01-04 20:47

developer   ~0000151

That doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed. 3DC should strive to be better than the others apps, not as good as them.


2011-01-04 21:06

developer   ~0000152

Good point :) well maybe Andrew can share some thoughts about this issue.


2011-04-18 10:24

administrator   ~0000611

Fixed in 3.5.18.


2011-04-18 17:36

developer   ~0000616

Awesome, glad to see this one finally put to rest.

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