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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002088 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
UV room
majornew2016-02-24Random rotation of UV islands on "To..." commands
  0002087 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majornew2016-02-23Wrong color after the 'Fill whole layer' operation if smart material uses bigger texture resolution and texture is in TIFF file
  000208611 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
minornew2016-02-22Freeze tool - display glitch on frozen area when switching tools
  000208411 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2016-02-21Alpha Brush Resolution bug
  0002085    [3D Coat forums]
minornew2016-02-15RtpModels don't work in main view
  00004924   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featureassigned (carrots)2016-02-08REAL Ambient Occlusion, please
  00012393   [3D-Coat v4.5]
minorassigned (Andrew)2016-02-02Please give option to turn off JPEG image of project saved with project file
  0002082 2 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
tweakassigned (Andrew)2016-01-28More Options baking occlusion in RetopoMode
  000207833 [3D-Coat v4.5]
minorresolved (carlosa)2016-01-283D coat crashes when trying to import a scanned mesh for repairs
  0002080    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majornew2016-01-25Problem with smart materials and rectangle
  0001517    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting on surface (Sculpt room)
featureassigned (carlosa)2016-01-25Freeze by angle - new tool option
  00020772   [3D-Coat v4.5]
UV room
minorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-23Mouse pointer in UV preview window affects windows below too
  0002076    [3D-Coat v4.5]
UV room
minorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-21Custom texture in UV preview window can not be reloaded
  0002075    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Render room
minorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-21UNDO does not work in render room input values
  00020741   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-21Stamp tool uses mipmap resolution for projection
  000077313 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Render room
featureassigned (carlosa)2016-01-21Light Control Handles
  000077421 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Render room
featureassigned (Andrew)2016-01-21Render Passes
  0002073    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-20Locked tools and Additive Painting are not saved in presets
  00012953   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-18Please create a toggle icon (in Navigation Bar) for Texture Editor
  00016024   [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned (carlosa)2016-01-18Make Left Tool Panel dockable and resizable as another windows
  000124811 [3D-Coat v4.5]
trivialassigned (Andrew)2016-01-18Floating windows can't be docked to the right side of the main toolbar
  000070271 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featureassigned (Andrew)2016-01-17Create custom channel
  00015063   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Retopo room
majorresolved (Andrew)2016-01-16Usage of Retopo Models are very weird
  0002072    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-15Duplicate smart material can't be undone
  00020682   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
majorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-13UNDO is not working using extrude with "Closed spline" tool
  0002067    [3D-Coat v4.5]
majorresolved (Andrew)2016-01-12The Captcha code still isn't showing up on the new account page
  00012053   [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned2016-01-12Floating small square over spline: change command location to Tool Options
  00015684   [3D-Coat v4.5]
majorassigned (Andrew)2016-01-12"E"Panel Curve Modes Dropdown List is Seriously Hindering Work
  0002069    [3D Coat forums]
  00017363   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featurenew2016-01-08Fill Layer for Paint Room
  0002066 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorassigned (carrots)2016-01-01Hiding objects in the paint room has no effect on the AO baking per object
  0002065    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
majorassigned (Andrew)2015-12-31"Lay on Ground / Snap on Ground" ignores invisible child layers
  0002063    [3D-Coat v4.5]
minornew2015-12-18Annoying Problem
  000206211 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with Live Clay (Sculpt room)
minornew2015-12-16mesh display bug
  00016651   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpt room General (All Categories)
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-12-153D Closed Spline - Save/Load Doesn't Work
  0001989    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Sculpting with voxels (Sculpt room)
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-12-15curve splines no longer work.
  00020356   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-12-15Moving smart materials erased whole folders of smart materials
  0001955    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-12-150_oldschool_paint material disappears after closing Smart Material Editor by pressing Cancel button.
  0000814    [3D-Coat v4.5]
featureassigned (carlosa)2015-12-13Export UVLayout to an SVG/EPS file
  0002061    [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minornew2015-12-12Erasing on uved mesh won't work after some times
  00020441   [3D-Coat v4]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-12-11Painting across mirrored UV seams creates random noise
  00020362   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
minornew2015-12-11Polygon paint brush with UV maped smart material completly ignores SmartMaterial textures
  00020521   [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
majorresolved (Andrew)2015-12-09Unable to import external AO when painting on multiple uv sets
  000205911 [3D-Coat v4.5]
Paint room
featurenew2015-12-08replace mesh in paint room
  00009071   [3D-Coat v4.5]
minorassigned (carlosa)2015-11-30UV load and save bug in Retopo mode - '.mesh' and '.uv files' incompatibility
  0001671    [3D-Coat v4.5]
UV room
minorassigned (carlosa)2015-11-30Import uv dont load saved uv information from a file
  0002055 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
UV room
minorassigned (Andrew)2015-11-30Load UV Map After Model Changes load the old model
  0002054    [3D-Coat v4.5]
featurenew2015-11-29Ability to create custom Texture file names
  00020421   [3D-Coat v4.5]
minornew2015-11-29Progress Bar missing on Mac
  0002053 1 [3D-Coat v4.5]
minornew2015-11-27Detachable menus won't stay on screen
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