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N ID English Czech
2161 Color_HINT add translation
2162 Lightness_HINT add translation
2163 ApplyBlending Apply Blending add translation
2164 ApplyBlending_HINT Apply blending and all effects to the current layer add translation
2165 ImportRefMesh Reference Mesh add translation
2166 ImportRefMesh_HINT Import the mesh to use as a reference for the retopology tool. This mesh can be additionally deformed using the sculpt tool add translation
2167 DRAW_BY_SPLINE_HINT Closed Spline. Draw with closed spline. Press ESC to stop adding points. Hover over a vertex press RMB and drag to change vertex smoothness/sharpness. Press DEL key to delete point. Click to insert point in the middle. Double click or press ENTER to draw the area. Use control panel (half diamond) on the top right to edit spline add translation
2168 DRAW_BY_SRC_POLY Single Polygon. One click will paint a single polygon, while holding down the LMB will paint up to the borders of all "source" polygons add translation
2169 TRIAL_HINT Your copy of this program is not registered, or your PC configuration was essentially changed. You can continue to work, but some functions will be disabled until you enter a valid serial number. The serial number is hardware independent, and you may only run one copy of 3D-Coat at a time. If we detect multiple instances of 3d-Coat running simultaneously on several computers, your serial number will be disabled. If you are running 3D-Coat in different places don't forget to uninstall the unused license in Help-> Uninstall license. Otherwise, someone may use your license and it will be disabled add translation
2170 UNINST_LICENCE Uninstall license add translation
2171 UNINST_LICENCE_HINT This option allows you to uninstall the license on this PC and install it on other. You can install 3D-Coat on any number of PC's but you may not run it simultaneously on more than one PC at a time add translation
2172 INVMASK_HINT Invert the mask to be applied to all paint effects add translation
2173 InvMask Invert mask add translation
2174 CAVITY_RADIUS Cavity radius add translation
2175 Difference Difference add translation
2176 Difference_HINT add translation
2177 Exclusion Exclusion add translation
2178 Exclusion_HINT add translation
2179 Hue_HINT Hue_HINT add translation
2180 Saturation_HINT add translation

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