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N ID English Czech
2187 DRAW_BY_SPLINE_HINT Draw by closed spline. Use CTRL to add sharp edge. Doubleclick to end spline. add translation
2188 DRAW_BY_SRC_POLY Draw over polygones of source mesh. One click means painting the whole source polygon. add translation
2189 TRIAL_HINT Your copy of the program is not registered or your PC configuration was essentially changed. You can continue to work, but some functions will be disabled until you enter a valid serial number. The serial number is hardware independent, and you may only run one copy of 3D-Coat at a time. If we detect several times that you are using 3D-Coat simultaneously on several computers, your serial number will be disabled. If you are running 3D-Coat in different places don't forget to uninstall license in Help->Uninstall license otherwise someone may use your license and it will be disabled. add translation
2190 UNINST_LICENCE Uninstall license add translation
2191 UNINST_LICENCE_HINT This option allows you to uninstall the license on this PC and install it on other. You can install 3D-Coat on any number of PC's but you may not run it simultaneously on more than one PC at a time. add translation
2192 INVMASK_HINT Invert mask that is applied to all paint effects. add translation
2193 InvMask Invert mask add translation
2194 CAVITY_RADIUS Cavity radius add translation
2195 SCWorkMode_HINT Topological symmetry tool. First select 'Mark polygons' to define the symmetrical area by marking first the red polygon, then the blue one. Next choose the 'Copy using brush' option to copy surface attributes from one side to the other add translation
2196 SCWorkMode Work mode: add translation
2197 SC_MARK_POLY Mark Polygons add translation
2198 SC_MARK_POLY_HINT Mark two adjacent polygons (one red and one blue) as the source and destination for topological symmetry add translation
2199 SC_PEN_COPY Copy Using Brush add translation
2200 SC_PEN_COPY_HINT Copy surface parts from one side to the other by painting over the parts with the brush or mouse add translation

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