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N ID English French
2401 REND_WARN WARNING! You have chosen a shader without shadow support so occlusion and soft shadows will not be calculated. For more accurate rendering, use the 'Cast shadows' option and choose a shader which supports shadows add translation

1. Attention! Vous avez choisi un Shader sans ombre, aussi l'occlusion les ombres douces ne seront pas calculées. Choisir un Shader avec ombre pour un meilleur rendu.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2402 vobj_Render Render add translation

1. Rendu
(Frenchy Pilou)

2403 vobj_Render_HINT High quality, hardware based rendering add translation

1. Haute - qualité hardware - rendu de base.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2404 AO_Percent_HINT Ambient occlusion. Larger values correspond to a larger percentage of ambient occlusion add translation

1. Une valeur élevée correspond à un fort pourcentage de lumière pour l'OA.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2405 AO_Percent AO percentage add translation

1. Pourcentage d'OA
(Frenchy Pilou)

2406 Light_Scatter_HINT Light scattering. This slider adjusts how much to scatter light. Higher values result in softer shadows, softer Glossiness on shiny objects, etc add translation

1. Diffusion de la lumière. Ce curseur permet de régler la quantité de lumière à disperser. Des valeurs élevées produisent des ombres plus douces, une Brillance plus doux sur les objets brillants, etc.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2407 Light_Scatter Light scattering add translation

1. Dispersion de la lumière
(Frenchy Pilou)

2408 DOF_Degree_HINT Depth of field focus. Use this slider to set the distance from the DOF plane where objects remain in focus add translation

1. Degré de la profondeur de champs.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2409 DOF_Degree DOF degree add translation

1. Degré de la DOF
(Frenchy Pilou)

2410 DOF_Shift_HINT DOF plane position. This slider moves a red plane forward or backward from the screen to set the center of the depth of focus. Use the slider above to set the distance from the plane (in front and behind) where objects remain in focus add translation

1. Position du plan de la DOF. Regarder le plan rouge pour ajuster précisemment le plan.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2411 DOF_Shift DOF plane position add translation

1. Position du plan de la DOF
(Frenchy Pilou)

2412 Use_AA_HINT Use anti-aliasing to further refine the render add translation

1. Utiliser l'antaliasing.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2413 Use_AA Anti-Aliasing add translation

1. Antialiasing
(Frenchy Pilou)

2414 SCULP_FILL Fill add translation

1. Remplir
(Frenchy Pilou)

2415 SCULP_FILL_HINT Voxel based fill tool. This option fills and softens cavities in the surface beneath the cursor. Use CTRL+LMB to flatten protrusions add translation

1. Remplir les cavités. Utiliser CTRL pour couper les pointes.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2416 SCULP_KNIFE Knife add translation

1. Couteau
(Frenchy Pilou)

2417 SCULP_KNIFE_HINT Make deep indentations add translation

1. Faire des cavités
(Frenchy Pilou)

2418 ClearScene Clear add translation

1. Effacer
(Frenchy Pilou)

2419 ClearScene_HINT Clear the scene and merge objects together. add translation

1. Effacer la scène et ajouter l'objet.
(Frenchy Pilou)

2420 SmoothObject Smooth all add translation

1. Lisser tout
(Frenchy Pilou)

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