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N ID English French
1221 StoreFocal focal shift add translation

1. zone d'action
(Frenchy Pilou)

1222 StoreSmooth_HINT Save the settings for the smooth option add translation

1. Stocker le degré de lissage.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1223 StoreSmooth smooth degree add translation

1. degré de lissage
(Frenchy Pilou)

1224 StoreColors_HINT Save the colors settings add translation

1. Stocker les couleurs.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1225 StoreColors colors add translation

1. couleurs
(Frenchy Pilou)

1226 StoreOpacity_HINT Save the opacity settings add translation

1. Stocker l'opacité.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1227 StoreOpacity opacity add translation

1. opacité
(Frenchy Pilou)

1228 StoreSpecular_HINT Save the Glossiness settings add translation

1. Sauvegarder les réglages de la Brillance.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1229 StoreSpecular Glossiness add translation

1. Brillance
(Frenchy Pilou)

1230 StoreSpeclOpacity_HINT Save the Glossiness opacity settings add translation

1. Sauvegarder les réglages Brillance d'opacité
(Frenchy Pilou)

1231 StoreSpeclOpacity Glossiness Opacity add translation

1. Opacité Brillance
(Frenchy Pilou)

1232 StoreMaterial_HINT Save the Smart Material state; images, mapping type, and transform parameters add translation

1. Sauvegarder l'état du Matériau Intelligent- images, type de Mapping, paramètres de transformation.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1233 StoreMaterial Smart Material add translation

1. Matériau Intelligent
(Frenchy Pilou)

1234 StoreFillPattern_HINT Save the current fill pattern settings add translation

1. Stocke le remplissage de motif dans l'outil remplissage.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1235 StoreFillPattern fill pattern add translation

1. remplir le motif
(Frenchy Pilou)

1236 PRESET_OPTIONS Tool Options add translation

1. Options
(Frenchy Pilou)

1237 SHOW_PRESETS Tool Presets add translation

1. Pré-réglages
(Frenchy Pilou)

1238 SHOW_PRESETS_HINT Display the presets panel add translation

1. Montrer le tableau des prédéfinis.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1239 Auto Auto add translation

1. Auto
(Frenchy Pilou)

1240 Unlock Unlock add translation

1. Libère
(Frenchy Pilou)

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