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N ID English French
1821 PExtrusion_HINT Adjust this slider in a positive direction to raise the image texture off the surface. Use a negative value to sink the image texture into the surface add translation

1. Extrusion de toute la texture.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1822 PExtrusion Extrusion add translation

1. Extrusion
(Frenchy Pilou)

1823 STORE_PICT Save add translation

1. Stocker
(Frenchy Pilou)

1824 STORE_PICT_HINT Save the current spline and image settings to a file add translation

1. Sauvegarde la spline courante et les réglage de l'image dans un fichier.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1825 RESTORE_PICT Load add translation

1. Restaurer
(Frenchy Pilou)

1826 RESTORE_PICT_HINT Load spline and image settings from a file add translation

1. Charge la spline et les réglages de l'image à partir d'un fichier.
(Frenchy Pilou)


(Frenchy Pilou)


(Frenchy Pilou)

1829 KEY_ALREADY_USED That key combination is already used for "%s". Are you sure that you want to redefine it? add translation

1. Le raccourci que vous avez requis est déjà assigné à "%s". Etes-vous sûr de vouloir le redéfinir?
(Frenchy Pilou)

1830 Popups Popups add translation

1. Popups
(Frenchy Pilou)

1831 ID_PENSLIST Alphas add translation

1. Brosses
(Frenchy Pilou)

1832 ID_STRIPSLIST Strips add translation

1. Bandes
(Frenchy Pilou)

1833 ID_MASKSLIST Stencils add translation

1. Masques
(Frenchy Pilou)

1834 ID_MTLSLIST Smart Materials add translation

1. Matériaux Intelligents
(Frenchy Pilou)

1835 ID_PENOPS Brush Operations add translation

1. Opérations de Brosse
(Frenchy Pilou)

1836 AppOptions::ShowIThumbs_HINT add translation
1837 AppOptions::ShowIThumbs Show interface thumbnails on start page add translation

1. Montrer les vignettes d'interface sur la page de départ
(Frenchy Pilou)

1838 ShowOnStratup Show on startup add translation

1. Montrer au départ
(Frenchy Pilou)

1839 TRPERIOD You have %d days until the end of trial period add translation

1. Vous avez %d jours jusqu'à la fin de la période d'essai.
(Frenchy Pilou)

1840 TREXPIRED Trial period expired. The program will run in demo mode add translation

1. La période d'essai a expiré. Le programme va fonctionner en mode démo.
(Frenchy Pilou)

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