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N ID English German
4221 UnInstanceLikeThis Un-Instance Similar add translation
4222 UnInstanceLikeThis_HINT Make all instances of similar instanced volumes to be separate volumes add translation
4223 ResamplingDescription You may change poly count and density of your Sculpt Object in this dialogue. Please type new required poly count or density modulation factor add translation
4224 !InitialPolycount_HINT !InitialPolycount_HINT add translation
4225 RequiredPolycount_HINT add translation
4226 RequiredPolycount Required Poly Count add translation
4227 ResamplingScale_HINT add translation
4228 ResamplingScale Density modulation factor add translation
4229 ResamplingQuality_HINT Quality settings are regarded only when you are increasing poly count. If you are essentially increasing resolution then quality settings will be important add translation
4230 ResamplingQuality Resampling quality add translation
4231 rsLinear Linear add translation
4232 rsLinear_HINT Lowest quality - faces will look faceted if you are growing resolution a lot. But it may be useful if you want to see triangulation structure in a bigger scale add translation
4233 rsRough Rough add translation
4234 rsRough_HINT Rough density growing. This method requires less memory than "Good" and "Smooth" add translation
4235 rsGood Good add translation
4236 rsGood_HINT Optimal resolution growing method add translation
4237 rsSmooth Smooth add translation
4238 rsSmooth_HINT Very smooth and accurate resolution growing method, but it requires more memory add translation
4239 MergeAllVisible_HINT Merge all visible layer to this one add translation
4240 MergeSubtree Merge Sub-Tree add translation

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