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N ID English German
4341 ExportRtpMesh_HINT Export mesh from the retopo room add translation
4342 PENPRESS_MOVE_PREVIEW Stamp Drag Mode. LMB Click and drag your brush, release to place. Dependent on brush size add translation
4343 InvertPoseSel Invert selection add translation
4344 InvertPoseSel_HINT Invert pose selection add translation
4345 StorePoseSel Save selection add translation
4346 StorePoseSel_HINT Save pose selection to file. It is recommended to use this in surface mode. If mesh structure will be changed due to voxelization you will not be able to apply previously stores selection add translation
4347 RecallPoseSel Load selection add translation
4348 RecallPoseSel_HINT Load pose selection from file. If mesh structure was changed you will not be able to restore selection, so use it in surface mode whenever possible add translation
4349 UnableToRecallPoseSelection Mesh structure was changed and stored selection can't be applied to the mesh add translation
4350 UseFreeForm_HINT Use free form cage to transform selected vertices add translation
4351 UseFreeForm Use free form add translation
4352 ThroughAllVolumes Through all volumes add translation
4353 ThroughAllVolumes_HINT Perform action (like pose selection or move) over all visible volumes add translation
4354 Fit Fit add translation
4355 Fit_HINT Adjust cage to fit selected vertices within the cage. Axis directions will be unchanged add translation
4356 Fit2 Directional fit add translation
4357 Fit2_HINT Adjust cage size and axis direction to fit selected vertices within the cage. Y - axis of the cage will be directed along the average normal of selected vertices add translation
4358 BestQuadsFit Fit in one texture add translation
4359 BestQuadsFit_HINT Fit all PTEX quads into the single texture. You may define filling percentage. This command is good if you want to export model with just one texture add translation
4360 PTEX_FIT_HELPER This command fits all PTEX quads into the single texture. Please specify how much the final texture should be filled with quads. The procedure of fitting is iterative so setting value closer to 100% may take bigger time add translation

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