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N ID English Spanish
3821 InvSel_HINT Invert face selection add translation
3822 DecRes Decrease resolution add translation
3823 DecRes_HINT Decrease resolution of selected faces twice add translation
3824 Sampling Sampling add translation
3825 PTEX_IMPORTING_HEADER PTEX importing does not require a uv-mapped object. But, for now, it can work only with quads. The main purpose of this method is for painting over smoothed (subdivided) surfaces without uv-mapping. A bitmap will be assigned to every face dependent on its size. Additionally, you can change resolution of texture utilized by any face. You may export the object with a texture in any standard format and render it seamlessly in any other application - even those that have no PTEX support add translation
3826 IncResl Increase resolution add translation
3827 IncResl_HINT Increase resolution of the selected faces twice add translation
3828 ExpandSel Expand add translation

1. Expandir

3829 ExpandSel_HINT Expand selected add translation
3830 ContractSel Contract add translation

1. Contraer

3831 ContractSel_HINT Contract selected add translation
3832 ZeroPressureRadius_HINT Radius of the brush when pressure is zero add translation
3833 ZeroPressureRadius Zero pressure radius add translation
3834 SelectLevel Select level add translation
3835 SelectLevel_HINT Select face subdivision level add translation
3836 ToMaxLevel To max level add translation
3837 ToMaxLevel_HINT Increase resolution of faces to the level of the face with maximum subdivision add translation
3838 ToMinLevel To min level add translation
3839 ToMinLevel_HINT Decrease resolution of faces to the level of minimally subdivided face add translation
3840 OptimizeQuads Optimize add translation

1. Optimizar

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