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N ID English Spanish
3981 RestoreUV_HINT Restore the UV's from the mesh in Paint room. This synchronizes both rooms add translation
3982 AutoSc Auto Scale add translation
3983 AutoSc_HINT Auto scale all islands to have equal proportion between square in space and square in UV-set add translation
3984 Unable_to_write_file 3D-Coat is unable to write this file. Please check if destination drive/file is not write protected add translation
3985 PtexTextureSize_HINT The size of textures that will be used to store PTEX quads. This size will be used for export if you export the PTEX model as regular model add translation
3986 PtexTextureSize Ptex texture size add translation
3987 PtexTextureSizeForExport_HINT Optional parameter. This size will be used if you want to export PTEX mapped model as a normal 3D-model with UV-Map add translation
3988 PtexTextureSizeForExport Ptex texture size for export add translation
3989 FlipPtexQuads Flip ptex quads add translation
3990 FlipPtexQuads_HINT Flip ptex quads for better compatibility with Renderman add translation
3991 MaxProcessorsToBeUsed_HINT add translation
3992 MaxProcessorsToBeUsed Max Processors add translation
3993 DebugShadersMode_HINT Shader debug mode allows you to see errors while shaders are compiling add translation
3994 DebugShadersMode Shader debug mode add translation
3995 WireframeColor_HINT add translation
3996 WireframeColor Wireframe color add translation
3997 ShowRetopoMesh_HINT Show retopo mesh in render room add translation
3998 ShowRetopoMesh Show retopo mesh add translation
3999 HidePenConstantlyInCapsMode_HINT If this option is checked brush will be hidden constantly in CAPS LOCK mode, otherwise it will be hidden only while drawing add translation
4000 HidePenConstantlyInCapsMode Hide Brush w/ Caps Lock add translation

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