1.6 Viewport Reference Images

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It’s easy and fun to open up 3D-Coat and, without any reference at

all, just start creating models. But sometimes you’ll need to create a model for a client that needs to conform to exact specifications. Many times a client will provide turnarounds of characters or ask you to create them.
This is where placing these types of reference image comes in handy. The reference image can be placed on any axis of your choosing X, Y, or Z. You can even assign a different image to each axis so you can have a view of your artwork no matter which axis you happen to work from.

Let’s take a look at how to assign images to the Z-axis.
Click on the arrow next to the Camera controls, then select, Background->Choose ref image for Z-axis.


Once you click the menu, you’ll then navigate your hard drive for an image to use along the Z-axis. The image you select will appear in 3D-Coat’s main window. Also, a pop-up menu with positioning and scaling tools will appear. Use the tools along your image or the Reference images pop up menu to resize, reposition or show and hide the image. You can even change the opacity of the image so it’s easier to focus on your modeling tasks.