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3DCoat 2021 BETA Release




UI Changes


1. The UI got substantially reworked

Full UI customization via scripts or manually added, Creating your own Custom Rooms and Workspaces, possibility to work in simplified or full functionality enabled.


2. All Layers Coloring

In the object tree window you can assign colors to the object or to the group of objects. This feature will allow you to quickly find their location, especially among a large number of objects:


3. All Layers Grouping

Group selected objects with one button:


4. Gizmo-less Transforms

For the fast transform of objects without gizmo: move, scale and rotate:


5. Navigation Panel Updated

New behaviour. New camera snapping modes:


6. Possibility to create your own Room added




New Rooms Added


New Modeling Room with classic low-poly modeling toolset added

New Kitbash Room which has Splines and Joints has been added


New Factures Room for Sculpt Objects


Sculpting Changes


1. New Awesome Brush Engine

A lot of modifiers for brushes, full brush customization:


2. Much better Undercuts and Moulding Tools (in special Extra Module)


3. Extract Bump Map from the Photo


4. Make procedural shaders for Sculpt objects by Node editor


5. Bake procedural mesh deformers, materials from Node editor

6. Subdivide to screen space size

7. Show Retopo objects in the Sculpt room

Useful when you need a reference. Use retopo mesh for Paint2D, Sphere or Snake tool in Sculpt room. Button showing polygonal mesh in Sculpt room added.

This is convenient to use as reference:

8. GPU speedup adjust stencils and texture patterns (sculpt, texturing)

9. Improved Cloth Simulation Tool




Retopology Changes


1. Smart-Retopo feature, based on using the Curves toolset

Make retopology significantly faster:


2. Additional display modes in Retopo room

Possibility to choose display styles, such as: Wireframe, UV seams, Sharp Edges, Colored UV islands and Smoothed look.

3. New 2D Primitives

Added new tool for creating 2D primitives for Modeling and Retopo rooms:


Rendering Changes


1. Screen space reflections and Global Illumination in Render room


2. Procedural environments from Nodes

3. Post process render by Nodes




Texturing Changes


1. Twice as fast paint layers switching (still CPU-based, GPU version coming soon), faster brushing over the model. 3-4 sec on 8K model vs 7-8 sec in 4.9.xx:

2. Accurate paint/sculpt trajectory even if FPS goes down. Trajectory exactly follows the mouse/pen. It works for both - Sculpt and Paint rooms.

3. GPU speedup adjust stencils and texture patterns (sculpt, texturing):




New Kitbash Room


Joints - a new tool added. It is a set of various parts that can be attached and linked with each other, like ‘lego’:

A new library of Splines added. Splines is a set of flexible objects that can be stretched with the Curves or Snake tool:



New Modeling Room


New paradigm introduced: Start with the Fast Low-poly modeling for the base form, then make a Sculpt Mesh with Subdivision and add details in the Sculpt room:


Create a Sculpt Mesh with Subdivision from a Poly mesh:


1. Spine tool

The wire can be built by spinning faces around the axis or extrude along the spline:

2. Smart Extrude. Extrude faces in space with rotation and scaling without gizmo:

3. Move,Rotate, Scale without gizmo. Affine transformations (Move,Rotate, Scale) without gizmo.

4. Swept surface. Surface modeling with the profile and the guide:

5. Surface of Rotation. Rotate a profile around the axis to get a surface. You can use a curved axis too.

6. Polyhedron. Faceted surface of rotation:

7. Profile. Modeling of several profile types along the guideline:

8. Swept surface 2. Create surface with a profile and 2 or 3 guides:

9. Loft surface. Create a surface with N splines:

10. Swept surface N gener. Create a surface with N profiles and 2 guides:

11. Surface patch. Create a surface with splines serving as boundaries for this surface:

12. Surface by 2 views. Surface modeling with side and top views:

13. Bevel N-segments

14. Split Edges

15. Weld Vertices

16. Align Vertices

17. Inset individual mode

18. Poke faces

19. Bevel Vertices

20. Bridge

21. Knife - Polygon cutout:

22. New 2D Primitives. New tool for creation of 2D primitives for Modeling and Retopo room added:




New Curves Toolset


3D-Curves rich toolst. Easy access to curves by hotkey ‘Q’:




Scripting Changes


1. Primitives Tool Script Recording. Added a Script command generator in the Primitives tool, Sculpt and Retopo rooms. You can save your actions in a script file, change your primitive parameters in the script and run it again:

2. New Script Classes for Modeling/Retopo Primitives. Added the support of Modeling/Retopo primitives via Scripts. You can create Modeling/Retopo primitives by using the script interface, control primitive parameters, add and delete the primitives from the Retopo scene:


Your feedback and bug reports on 3DCoat 2021 Beta are very welcomed at our Forum


Important! Please, note, the current Beta version is not at the release state yet and is provided for testing purposes only. Please, use the Beta in trial mode only (your V4 serial keys would not apply). Therefore, the license upgrades to 3DCoat 2021 (along with the new serial keys) will become available simultaneously with the release of 3DCoat 2021. Please, keep an eye on further announcements with regards to the release date. We are doing whatever is within our power to make it happen very soon.