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   3DC-printing (short from 3DCoat for 3d printing) is a compact studio with one primary goal - let you create your models for 3d printing as easy as possible. Voxel sculpting technology allows you to do anything that is possible in real world without worrying too much about technical aspects. Start of simple primitives, and go as complex as you like.

Photo - 3DC printing - 3Dcoat

Take a look at key features of this edition:

- Clean and compact UI. It's easy and intuitive, and it's all about modeling.

- Quick start video series. Short and easy instructive videos to help you start creating assets asap.

- Customizable Print area. Set the size of your 3d printer area to not exceed its dimentions.

- Dedicated Export Wizard. Prevent all possible issues with fused deposition 3d printer type.


Important! Heating up ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) during extrusion in 3D Printing produce fumes of poisonous  acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. EPA has classified butadiene as a known human carcinogen.  Acrylonitrile and styrene are both toxic and could be a human carcinogen. EPA has classified acrylonitrile as a probable human carcinogen. That is why it is hazardous to use ABS in 3D Printing. Therefore we recommend using bioplastic PLA produced from corn or dextrose.

Here's the common way of how to get a 3d printed asset ready: modeling - printing - playing

Photo - 3DC printing scheme - 3Dcoat

You can model and print something very simple, i.e. a solid camel figure:

Photo - 3DC printing camel model - 3Dcoat
Photo - 3DC printing camel figure - 3Dcoat
Photo - 3DC printing solid camel figure - 3Dcoat

Or something complex like some housing for you favorite ants ;)

Photo - 3DC printing atn nest model - 3Dcoat
Photo - 3DC printing atn nest cut model - 3Dcoat
Photo - 3DC printing atn nest solid model - 3Dcoat

Dedicated Export Wizard helps to nail down some common problems with printed assets:

Photo - 3DC printing wizard setup - 3Dcoat
Photo - 3DC printing finished model - 3Dcoat
Photo - 3DC printing product dimensions - 3Dcoat


3D Software for 3D Printing

What is 3DCprinting? 3DCprinting is a 3D printing software developed by Pilgway Studio based on 3DCoat for fast and easy operation with 3D printers. In other words, it’s a 3D modeling software for 3D printing.

In this program you can quickly create models for 3D printing. Thanks to voxel modeling technology, you can work without being submerged in the technical nuances. You can also prepare a model for printing.

Below you can see the application interface. You can customize all windows as you wish.

Photo - 3DC printing application interface - 3Dcoat

View our article to learn about creating models. There we describe the functionality and capabilities of the modeling tools in more detail.

So, what makes 3DCPrinting stand out from other 3D software for 3D printers
 - Minimalistic and user-friendly interface.
 - All-in-one package of the tools necessary to accomplish the job.
 - You can import your model from any other program and have it ready for printing.
 - A special export utility will help you prevent the most popular 3D printing problems.

So the program pipelines are very simple. In the startup window select any workpiece for tasks as you need:
“Modeling with Voxels” or “Modeling in Surface Approach” or “Setup Printing Area” and other. 

Then create a model, export it. 

And there you have it ready for printing!

Photo - 3DC printing 3d process - 3Dcoat

Keep in mind! Some print materials are hazardous and toxic. It is not recommended to use ABS plastic as it releases butadiene and styrene during the operation. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) classifies them as dangerous. Therefore, we recommend using bioplastic PLA made from plants.

The program can be used for any purpose, both professional and amateur.

The tools in the program will allow you to create models for a variety of purposes:

Photo - 3DC printing tools - 3Dcoat

 - Medical;

 - Technique;

 - Toys;

 - Kitchens;

And more.

Check out our video tutorials to quickly learn how to work and create the models. Here we will outline the general principles of the 3DCprinting program and you could compare its functionality to other 3D printer design software.

Quick Introduction to 3DC Printing

   In this video series we tried to cover general principals of 3DC Printing to help or new users to get familiar with the application as quickly as possible!

Modeling and Printing Examples

Here are some real cases: