Factures provide an easy and powerful way to achieve surface detailing of practically unlimited level.
This is the way to apply a texture without the actual UV assignment. It works similarly to vertex painting, however you paint with texture, not just the color.

The main rule is that you can assign a texture and a color to each vertex. Each vertex on every layer has only ONE texture.
So, if you paint with texture over another texture on the current layer, the texture will be replaced, not blended.

But you can apply many textures to each vertex using multiple layers with opacity. If neighbouring vertices have different textures, the textures will be blended between the vertices and no seam will appear.

Pay attention to the Roads tool - it paints strips of textures, just like building roads.

Factures are sort of big “easter egg” in 3DCoat. Actually it is very powerful way to make super-detailed objects. For example you have landscape and want to cover it with grass, rock, sand, etc… textures.

Of course direct painting over uv-ed mesh is bad idea there, huge textures will be required. Putting tiled texture is bad idea as well, tiling is well visible, edge between different textures is visible too. Factures is good solution for this.

It is per-vertex texturing. UV coordinate assigned to vertex, textures are assigned per-vertex as well, if different vertices has different textures - they will be blended between each other and no seams will appear.

But there are several problems:

1) Export. Engine/3d-package should support per-vertex color/alpha channel to use FBX exported from Coat. Usually need to setup nodes to use exported result correctly.

2) Still unfinished a bit. No good textures, no default library of textures. No shaders included. I will include shaders in next build.

That technology may be amazing and revolutionary, but still unfinished. But we are slowly moving it to useable state, it is not fast process. Some help may be really helpful - need license-free textures for factures. Grass, rocks, sand, etc with color, gloss and normalmaps.

Add facture, select it. In Paint room → paint with brush. Use RMB for facture properties.

You also have possibility to import Quixel materials as Vertex Textures for Factures.

. Left tool panel
. Vertext material settings
. Vertext material library panel

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