Masks are essentially stencils. Stencils are used as a way to specify an area for sculpting or texture painting with Brush depth and transparency.
Stencils use greyscale images to determine what is masked, and what is not. Pure white (255,255,255) is allowed, pure black (0,0,0) is not. Grey colors in between will vary depending on the level of grey between black and white.

In conjunction with materials can be moved and rotated independently using the new navigation controls, can also be rotated precisely 45 degrees by using SHIFT key.
If you choose to display mask or material in at least one of the channels (Depth and/or, Color and/or Glossineess), a new panel shows up on top.

Preview Options

When activating one of the Smart Materials or Stencils, or both simultaneously, you’ll have a new panel on screen.
This panel contains all of the editable functions for both Smart Materials and Stencils.

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