Run Script: Execute Script.
Create Your Script:
Create new Core API Script:
The Core API documentation: Core API script is a compliable C++17 program, so it works on the full native C++ speed. This is far more than just a script; you may make even time-critical and multithreaded tasks and customize the 3DCoat in-depth, creating principally new functionality and tools.
Useful scripts > Export: .
Scripting Manual: information to how to write Scripts.
View Execution Log: Open execution log in external text editor. Log is placed in user documents folder \\3DCoat\UserPrefs\Scripts\log.txt

RMB over the script in the Script menu allows to create the 3dcpack to distribute your script

UnGhost All Script: The Script is direct downloadable from this link.

To install it, simply copy the “unghost.txt” and “unghost.xml” files to the following directory:

3DC use Angelscript as programming language.
Here you can found the Script manual link

And the Script commands list.
3DC Script commands list

3DC Script commands list V4
Scripting docs

Added a Script command generator in the primitive tool, Sculpt, and Retopo rooms: You can save your actions in a script file, change your primitive parameters in the script and run it again.

New Script Classes for Modeling/Retopo Primitives: Added the support of Modeling/Retopo primitives via Scripts. You can create Modeling/Retopo primitives by using the script interface, control primitive parameters, add and delete the primitives from the Retopo scene.

Added the Record Script button in the top menu: The button changes the color depending on the record state. If the button is red then the script is recording, the blue button indicates that the recording is stopped.

Record Script in Retopo Primitives 1
Record Script in Retopo Primitives 2

Batch Layer Renaming Script: By Anton Tenitsky.

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