Spine tool: The wire can be built by spinning faces around the axis or extrude along the spline.

Smart Extrude: Extrude faces in space with rotation and scaling without gizmo.

Move,Rotate, Scale without gizmo: Affine transformations (Move,Rotate, Scale) without gizmo.

Swept surface: Surface modeling with the profile and the guide.

Surface of Rotation: Rotate a profile around the axis to get a surface. You can use a curved axis too.

Polyhedron: Faceted surface of rotation.

Profile: Modeling of several profile types along the guideline.

Swept surface 2: Create surface with a profile and 2 or 3 guides.

Loft surface: Create a surface with N splines.

Swept surface N gener: Create a surface with N profiles and 2 guides.

Surface patch: Create a surface with splines serving as boundaries for this surface.

Surface by 2 views: Surface modeling with side and top views

Bevel N-segments:

Split Edges:

Weld Vertices:
Align Vertices:

Inset individual mode:

Poke faces:

Bevel Vertices:


Knife - Polygon cutout:

New 2D Primitives: Added new tool for creating 2D primitives for Modeling and Retopo rooms:

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