The exception is the Color Image Panel, which allows you to assign an image of your choice, from which you can choose any hue present in the image for painting.
This is also quite handy for keeping a reference image open at all times during sculpting or painting operations.
You can manipulate which portion of this image is visible, and its position in the window, with the 3 controls just underneath it and to the left of the image window.
Select the image of choice with the “Select” button or “Paste” the image from your Clipboard. Once used, an image becomes available via the “drop down arrow” to the right of the image name.

Image Color Panel

Image Picker: This video demonstrates the Image Picker in 3DCoat, which allows the user to sample color information from an image, as well as serve as a dockable reference image.

Using Reference Images: This video demonstrates the usage of reference images. Either as Image Planes in the viewport or usage of the Image Picker as a static reference image within the UI.

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