Software used

    • 3D-COAT2022
    • Lightwave 2020
    • Blender 3.2

In 3DCOAT, when you “import a model for pixel painting”, you can select “Initial subdivision (number of polygons)” in the import settings screen, which seems to correspond to the subdivision ratio when using Catmull-Clark subdivision (CC). This seems to correspond to the subdivision ratio when using Catmull-Clark subdivision (CC).

In other software, the division level is specified as the number of polygons, so it is hard to tell which one to choose at a glance.

I'm talking about that.

Create a primitive cube in Lightwave. The number of polygons is “6” as a matter of course.

The cube is subdivided by applying CC, but the number of polygons that can be counted is still “6”. (red frame)..

Then, press the “Polygonize” button (blue frame) to finalize the subdivision.

Then the division is fixed with CC applied and the polygon count of this object is counted. In this case, we used CC division level 2. The polygon count is “96”.

Do this for each CC division level and check the polygon count according to the level.

And I made an animated gif to make the results easier to understand.

The polygon count matches the number in the 3DCOAT panel pasted at the beginning of this article.

Therefore, that number seems to be correct for the number of polygons subdivided by each division level of CC. Simply remember that it is level 1, 2, 3~ from the top.

That clears things up.

This panel is displayed when the same cube model used in the verification is imported into 3D-COAT as a “model for pixel painting”.

This value varies depending on the object to be imported, so if you do not understand this, you will not know which one to choose.

3DCOAT has setting items here and there with only numerical values like this.

I have the impression that there are quite a few hurdles to overcome before the user is able to examine these settings and find the optimum setting that will give the desired results.

I also checked with Blender, the CC level seems to be the same even if the software is different.

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