3DCoat has three channels that you can paint at any given moment.
Before you’ll find out how each tool works in Paint Mode, you are to know about painting in Depth / Color / Glossiness channels, and also to know about color picking, and types of drawing.
This icons will, upon LMB clicking, toggle the channel on or off. If the channel is off, you will see a large “X” over the respective icon.

On the right you can see in the image those three icons. They are from left to right:

  • Depth: Use the depth slider to adjust the amount of extrusion to apply while drawing. Use the smoothing slider to adjust the amount of smoothing to apply while drawing with the SHIFT key pressed. To view menu use D.
  • Color: Use the opacity slider to adjust the amount of color to apply. Click to disable color. Use the button determines the rule for the draw color. To view menu use C.
  • Glossiness: Glossiness channel intensity control. Click to toggle Glossiness on or off. To view menu use R.

Use “~” key to quick-access the semi-transparent panel containing parameters for all the three channels in compact form (you can pin it anywhere on your working space).

Also if you hover over each icon you will notice that there are a few more options for each, which can also be controlled with your RMB + dragging up/down or left/right.

  • RMB and dragging your mouse up/down will change the intensity of your Brush.
  • RMB and dragging your mouse left/right will change the size of your Brush.



Point the cursor at the purple hued sphere and click. By clicking here you can toggle between turning the depth on or off.
If there is an “X” over the sphere, it will be toggled off.

Additive drawing option allows activating/deactivating additive application option when drawing lines. If Additive drawing is active, two lines are drawn one over another.
Notably, if the option is disabled, cross is made with objects drawn in the current layer only.

Red line on the pen cursor displays the depth of relief lying. Press “-” and “+” keys or mouse wheel (under corresponding adjustments in the “Preferences” menu) to see how the depth changes.
If the pen is of complex shape, less pressure should be applied to prevent steep overfalls of image height. On a side note, it would make it hard to present the entire object as normal-mapped low polygonal one, heavy geometry distortions will be seen.

With the help of “Smoothing” slider you can change the level of smoothing. By pressing SHIFT key green line will appear on the pen cursor and by pressing SHIFT “+” and “—” keys or MOUSE WHEEL (provided corresponding adjustments have been made in the “Preferences” menu) you can adjust the level of smoothing.


Point the cursor on “Color” icon. By pressing on “grey X” sign you will forbid drawing color for the current texture. Pressing on a green sphere icon you enable editing in diffuse channel, but with no extra texture overlaid in the channel. If the texture is selected there are also folder icon and a texture-imbued square. Press on the folder to replace your texture.
The Opacity slider is the transparency applied to pen color while drawing. You can reduce or increase the transparency using hot keys “О” and “Р” accordingly. You can see that depending on transparency the segment color changes on pen cursor. The segment acquires blue color and its size depends on transparency.

Point the cursor on the drop-list to see the following. Here you can determine the rule of color selection for drawing. You can draw with a main color, or you can use a mix of the main and background colors:

  • Current color. Use the current color to draw.
  • Randomly one of two colors. Use one of two colors (current or secondary) randomly to draw.
  • Use random color between two. Use a random mix of two main colors.



By choosing the shining sphere icon you will enable drawing in Glossiness channel. With the help of Intensity slider you can change the reflective qualities applied while drawing. The hot keys “<” and “>” or mouse wheel (under corresponding adjustments in the “Preferences” menu) allow changing the Glossiness parameter quickly.

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