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This Room allows you to test your model and its textures in an environment much closer to a 3rd party rendering environment - and to create animated “Turntables” and “Fly-throughs” of your model and scene. You can add multiple colored light sources, adjust the Camera Depth of Field, soften or accentuate shadow effects and define how many “Rays” will be traced in the final rendering. Real-Time Rendering is also possible, making it quick and easy to see the many Lighting, Focus and Ambient Occlusion possibilities - from any angle or view. Once you have brought your model all the way to the Texturing phase, you can instantaneously view the results by simply defining your Render Settings and clicking on the “Render” button in the Render Panel. Render out stills or Turntables and Fly-throughs at any resolution, designating clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation with up to 32 bits of color information and choose whether to include the Alpha Channel in your finished rendering. Upload your animated scenes directly to YouTube or Vimeo or choose to upload a Screenshot to the Pilgway servers for sharing with other users - all by means of the “Help” menu within 3D-Coat. 1.7 Customizing your 3D-Coat Experience From directly in the interface, you can assign single and multi-key shortcuts to nearly every 3D-Coat function or tool. Simply press the “END” key while hovering the mouse over any item - followed by the keyboard combination of your choice. If you find that you rarely or never use certain, more obscure functions of the application, choose “Customize UI” from the “Edit” menu and uncheck any items that you wish no longer appear in the interface - thus reducing unwanted clutter.
Use the “Edit/Preference” option to completely customize the color scheme and appearance of the overall 3D-Coat interface to whatever suits your fancy. We want you to make 3D-Coat “yours” in every way possible.

Render internally using Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field, ray traced shadows and multiple light sources - in real time - with up to 32 bits of information. Render turntables and fly-throughs at real time speeds.
Smart Materials

When creating a portfolio of your work, it is often advantageous to include both “Turntable” and “Flyby” animations of your 3D sculptures and scenes.
Also, all through the creation process, it is helpful to get a reasonable approximation of your rendered models and scenes - without the added difficulty of exporting to 3rd party rendering applications.
3dcoat’s internal Render Room provides all of these convenient and fast methods for viewing, evaluating and exporting realistic views of your models and scenes.

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