Sharp Edges: Mark edges as sharp. Normals will be split along that edges.
Brush: This tool works similar to a soft selection. Vertices closest to the center of the brush cursor move more than those at the outer edges. Use SHIFT to smooth vertices spacing.

Keep Bounds While Smoothing: With this option enabled, boundaries will be preserved while smoothing the mesh. Press SHIFT to smooth.\\
Through All Groups: Operating Through All visible Groups.\\

Can be used to “Tweak” a set of vertices based on a “soft selection” determined by the size of the Brush. Holding down “Shift” while using this tool causes the brushed polygons to be “relaxed” or smoothed.

Delete Polygons: Hover the mouse cursor over a polygon until it highlights and “Left-Click” to delete it. Use CTRL to delete connected sets of polygons. See also .
Delete Edges: Hover the mouse cursor over an edge until it highlights and “Left-Click” to delete it. Use CTRL to quickly select edge loops.
Collapse: Hover the mouse cursor over an edge until it highlights and “Left-Click” to cause the 2 vertices joined by the edge to become 1 vertex. USE LMB on an edge to collapse it. Use CTRL+LMB to collapse edge rings.
Split Rings: Create new edge loops and adjoining edges by highlighting a row of edges and “Left-Clicking”.
Move: This is a general “Tweak” tool for moving either vertices, edges, edge loops or faces - depending on which you have enabled in the “Brush Command Panel”.
Selecting “Auto” in the panel allows you to choose to move any topological element, on the fly.
Slide Edges: Adjust the spacing between any row of edges by highlighting the desired edge and dragging it with the “Left-Mouse” button held down. Use LMB to slide edges. CTRL+LMB will slide edge loops.
Measure: Click to add points. Use SHIFT to align lines horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Press ESC to stop measure guide creation. New click will start new guide. Click on lines and points to split lines or drag points. Measure guides may be used in other tools as visual markers or snapping guides.

Doubleclick to erase point. Move nearby points together to erase captured point. Use CTRL to avoid snapping to existing points or lines, for example when you need to start new line from existing point or line.

Retopo Workspace Pt.5 (Edit Geometry): This Quick Start tutorial covers the tools in the EDIT GEOMETRY section of the Tool Panel in 3DCoat's Retopo Workspace.

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