3DCoat has a Layer system for retopologizing meshes. This makes it easier to retopologize your meshes with problem areas and to have multiple retopology versions of the same object. Much like all the other Layer tabs in 3dcoat, they function like the Layers in Photohop. You can click and drag Layers to reorder them, drag them to the Trash icon to delete them, hide & show them with the Visibility icon, etc.

You can create multiple objects in the Retopo Room, each with their own geometry as you need. This allows you to retopologize parts independently of one another or to have multiple versions of the same object with different topologies. It can also make it easier to retopologize your meshes in problem areas. You can RMB and drag Object to reorder them, to the Trash icon to delete them, toggle visibility with the Visibility icon, etc. Double clicking a Retopo Object will allow you to rename it. Let’s take a look at the Poly Groups Panel:

Layers: As you see in the screenshot, you can have more then one Layer to retopologize, if you wish. They can be reordered by drag and drop, they can be dragged to the trash if you no longer need one. Double-clicking a Layer will allow you to rename it.
Visibility: Each Layer has its own visibility icon, allowing you to toggle them on or off.

There are icons along the bottom of the tab as well, and they are:

New Layer: Creates a new layer.
Trash: Deletes the selected layer.
Subdivide: Lets you to subdivide the whole selected Layer.
Symmetrical Copy: Make symmetrical copy of the layer. Symmetry should be enabled for this command.
Select: Select all faces of this layer.
Move: Move selected faces to the current layer.
Clear: Delete all polygons from the current layer.

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