We have a small handful of functions that reside in the top tool bar for the Retopo tab:

If the mesh has a multiple UVs you can switch them in that drop-down list.

Move selected faces to another UV-set.

AutoSnap: Snap newly created points to the surface automatically.

  • Snap to Closest Along Normal: Snap to the closest point on the surface along the normal of the retopo mesh.
  • Snap to Outer Face: Snap to the outermost surface within the designated threshold.
  • Snap to Nearest: Snap to the nearest point on the surface.

Additional Extrusion: The additional extrusion of the mesh. This value will be used when you transfer the mesh into the scene. It could be useful for making cloth.
Z-bias: This z-bias value will be used to improve the visual appearance of the mesh. Adjust the z-bias to get a better look at the retopologized mesh preview.
Opacity: Retopology mesh opacity. Current group gets this opacity, other groups are getting 50% of this opacity, other UV sets are getting 25%.
Colors: Edit Retopology Mesh and UV island Color.
UVset: Choose a UVset.
Radius: Change the Brush Radius.
Invert Mirror: Enable this option if you want to invert the direction of symmetry mirroring.
Mirror Snapping: This value determines degree of snapping of points that are close to mirror.

- Various view modes for the retopo mesh: With no checker, with simple checker, with complex checker and Custom Texture.
Separate options for wireframe, seams, sharp edges, colored islands preview, smooth mesh view.

It is very useful as it shows the distortions of the texture in different areas of the mesh.

Added new tool for creating 2D primitives for Modeling and Retopo rooms:

Unify Multiple UV Sets into One: If you have a scene in 3Dcoat that have multiple uvmaps (UVsets) then you can consolidate them into one.

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