Intro to 3D Coat 015 - Sculpt Room - Commands Tools by Anton Tenitsky.

There are only a small number of commands in the sidebar, but they are all very important.


Use this to add polygon resolution only when you have exhausted the ability of the current resolution to add sufficient detail to your sculpture.

Increase resolution

Increasing the resolution will effectively double the amount of polygons the current object layer has. This allows for a layer to have much more detail at higher resolutions. You can view the resolution of a layer, in the Sculpt Tree, directly before the layer’s name. If it has just the name then you will know that it is at it’s base resolution and has not been increased.


Resample: This presents you with a dialog that allows you to adjust the resolution of your model “up or down”, as you require.


Will clear all polygon information from the current layer. This is useful for when you wish to keep the current layer’s name and resolution, but not the voxels.

Smooth all

Smooth all: Performs smoothing of everything on the current sculpt layer. Will uniformly smooth (or relax) all of the faces of the currently selected object layer in the Sculpt Tree.

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